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  1. anirbandd

    [URGENT] Suggest Point & Shoot || Rs. 8-9k || Canon/Sony/Nikon

    Hi All, Urgently need to buy a PnS cam for parents. Within 8-9k. Preferred brands are Canon, Nikon, Sony. CCD is ancient. CMOS sensors will be highly preferred. also, i will be grateful if you can provide options. Thanks, Anirban. :)
  2. dan4u

    Suggestions to buy a SSD for 8-9k

    I want to buy a 120/128GB SSD to upgrade my laptop, my budget is around 8-9k. I'm new to SSD's, so I'm not sure which one to get. also could anyone point out a reliable online retailer, I found out Onlyssd, which has the most number of choices and reasonable pricing. has anyone used this site...
  3. eagle06

    Need a graphic card aroun 8-9k

    Need a graphic card aroun 8-9k and views on system config Hi guys my friedn is going to buy a new System.His budget for GFX card is 8-9k. system config decided till now is AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE 3.2 Ghz MSI 785g e51 Samsung 2233sw 21.5" CoolerMaster CM690 + Coolermaster Extreme Power 600w...
  4. aquamatrix

    Budget: 8-9k for a mobile

    which will be the best mobile for 8-9k?? i am looking for atleast 1mp camera, extendable memory and fm and all.
  5. M


    Hi guys i am visiting ratnagiri for my college study tour .We have been advised to collect pictures of many shells ,aquatic animals etc if we may be able to find one.I have decided to buy a digi cam for not above 8-9k as i am amateur .Is sony cyber shot a great choice?I want cam to be connected...
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