1. Sking

    new 15r

    Dell india updated 15r with 7200rpm 750gb hdd at 47k.
  2. soyab0007

    Western Digital Caviar Black 750GB

    A member on other forum is selling his newly Rma Western Digital Caviar Black 750GB warranty till 2016 and price Rs1900 how is the hdd in terms of performance and power consumption... i have found some bad review that this hdd is slow nd more noisy compared to other available... let me...
  3. topgear

    Toshiba Introduces 750GB and 1TB Laptop HDDs

    A lot of people find their laptops don't meet their storage needs and so, have a couple of externals lying around to fulfill their storage needs. Soon, storage fiends can get their hands on a twin-platter 750GB HDD from Toshiba. Toshiba yesterday announced the world's highest capacity laptop...
  4. R

    [help] adding new HDD

    [help] adding new HDD and 1gb 4850 gfx card hello, i am planning to add a new hdd (750gb). i have a sata 2 seagate 750gb hdd (32mb buffer). i want to ask that is it necessary to use them in raid mothed or something like, beacuse i am not familiar with it ?? also, do i have to add same make and...
  5. P

    Is it safe to purchase a 750Gb HDD ?

    I already have a 80Gb PATA HDD & 250Gb SATA HDD. I am planning to buy a 750Gb HDD (Internal).. use it for storage alone.. as a single partition. A friend of mine told that its not safe to use a huge disk only for storage. Is it true? or can i buy it? Thanks for reading.
  6. G

    FS:new Seagate 750GB SATA 16MB HDD-ST3750640AS

    I want to sell a brand new, never opened hard disc . Seagate 750GB SATA 16MB HDD-ST3750640AS Specifications 750 GB Model Number ST3750640AS Interface SATA 3.0Gb/s PHYSICAL Height (max)...
  7. A

    what is Perpendicular Storage technology

    hey there....i am really curious to know what is Perpendicular storage technology rather than the conventional one....which is used by Segate newest released hard-drive which has the capacity of 750GB.....I have read abt this before but,twas no clear...what do u say guys..any idea
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