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  1. S

    XpertVision 7300GT Super

    i want to sell my old grapic card: xpertvision 7300gt with 512mb dedicated memory...its 2 years old and still has a year of warranty left...it will be sold with its original box, cables, driver cd, the book aNd the rest of the stuff.....i have kept all of them....im expecting arounD 1.5k...
  2. S

    7300gt for sale

    Zerobonic 7300gt 512mbram for sale for 1500RS.I am in mumbai.Its a pci e card
  3. S

    GeForce 7300GT - Related query...

    GeForce 7300GT- can it be used as capture card hi guys, i own GeForce 7300GT DDR2 PCIe Graphics card for my Gaming passion. Can any one kindly clarify my doubt whether the same graphics card can be used for viewing Television in the PC and record the programs. I have set top box connection...
  4. MetalheadGautham

    7300GT PCIe 1x Graphics Card

    Hi All! I have been cursed with a motherboard with only PCI slots and a single PCIe 1x slot. I have been looking for graphics cards which I can use in my PC, but all I see are Quadros and FireGLs. Finally, I came across...
  5. D

    Counter Strike Help.....Urgent

    1) i have steam and i play online in caffe.........can anyone tell me howmuch MB does this games takes in 1 hour during online gameplay ? 2) can i use any proxy for connecting to gaming servers such as igl/vstreet ones ? 3) i ahve two pcs one has geforce 7300gt and cs gives 60 fps [:(]...
  6. shantanu

    FS: XFX Geforce 7300GT 256 MB

    Hi friends ! i want to sell my XFX Geforce 7300GT PCi Express X16 card ! i enquired about the new card and its about 4750/- tax paid.. i dont know of other cities though.. but its this much in Delhi ! The card is almost unused with 2 years and 5 months warranty left. (valid all over india by...
  7. preshit.net

    FS: 7300GT 512MB - Mumbai

    Hello, I have a 1.5 month old gfx card for sale. Its a BIG 7300GT 512MB, 1.5 months old, PCI-e card. Comes with a 3-year warranty. Will be sold with original box and the rest of the stuff ( remember its just 1.5month old ) Reason for selling: Need to buy a TV Tuner card and some other...
  8. asif1231

    6600gt or 7300gt

    6600gt or 7300gt which should i opt for..
  9. N

    graphics card

    which is better 6300gt or 6600gt or 7300gt:p which is better card of following nvidea geforce 6300gt " " 6600gt " " 7300gt __________ 7300gt actualy i have 7300gtgddr2 and find it pretty fine can u give me price of 6600gt which is better graphic...
  10. godling

    7600GT vs 7300GT

    1. I wanted to know how drastic is the performance difference between these two? (Please be a bit detailed, if you can) 2. I need to buy a brand other than XFX, because I've heard that XFX cards are substantially slow. Anyone knows what else is available in Calcutta? And does brand choice...
  11. R

    onboard n 7300gt

    hi ppl i hav MSI rs480 it has onboard ATI® Radeon XPRESS 200 Chipset... in comparison with 7300GT....where is it stands ?
  12. blackleopard92

    MSI 7300GT DDRII, now what?

    hi guys, after browsing through the forums, i finally landed myself on MSI heatsink 7300GT. just wanted to know how to extract the best performance from the card. have installed latest drivers.
  13. codename_romeo

    Graphics Card suggestions

    Please suggest me a descent graphics card within the range 0f 4.5k....... I know its a bbit low but can i manage to get nvidia 7300gt 512mb one within that? and how much does nvidia 6200 256 mb graphics card cost?
  14. papai_mcc

    Which one is better, 6600GT or 7300GT

    Any one please can suggest me that amongst the above two graphics card which one will be better?
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