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  1. montsa007

    Nokia Launches Low End Dual Sim Phones - All under $50

    Nokia launches low-end 110, 112 cellphones - Tech News - IBNLive There are 4 models in all. 2 models have dual sim, and the same 2 models are sold as single sim. Priced under $50 for teens who can't afford smartphones. On a serious Note - Nokia, please surrender to Android your days...
  2. D

    Paypal dollars

    Hya, I want to buy paypal dollars or i should say you need to pay vendor for me. i want to buy a book who accepts paypal only. I can transfer money to your bank account or what so ever. I need $50. you can pm me your phone numbe . then we can talk . Thanks a lot)
  3. topgear

    Radeon HD 5450 Delivers DX11, Eyefinity at $50

    OEMs can build systems with fancier bullet points now with the ATI Radeon HD 5450. Are you envious of computer users with their fancy Radeon GPUs full of fancy DirectX 11 effects and Eyefinity multi-monitor technology, but don't have hundreds of dollars freely floating around? AMD today...
  4. S

    question of google apps

    well i have a ? on google app..edu mail they say $50 for account or user per year.. what does that user mean.... suppose that there are 4000 students does that mean we need to pay $50 for each student to get that email account..what is that... any clerance..... does one need to buy...
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