1. bajaj151

    Stablizer for 1.5T Split AC ??

    Hello 1) I am planning to buy stabilizer for my 3 split AC (1.5T each) details of each is mentioned below : a) LG LSA5NR3F b) Samsung AS18FADTL c) Videocon VST5233 2) Could you please guide what stabilizer shall I buy for each AC, voltage fluctuates between 170 to 270V at my home.
  2. icebags

    1.5 / 1 Ton AC suggestion required.

    Room size - 18x10x10 (first floor) ; normally source of heat would basically be me and may be my computer once in a while. Will be using the AC during night only during summer/ monsoon (for a good nights sleep :D). City - Kolkata : weather remains pretty hot and very humid. I am thinking about...
  3. J

    Stabilizer for AC, Fridge

    Hi, How much is the need for stabilizer for Hitach invertor split AC 1.5t and Whirlpool 500L fridge?
  4. Death_Knight

    Help Choosing Best Split Air Conditioner

    I need an wall mounted AC (split) for my room with the following specs: 10'x13' area 2 doors, 1 double & 1 single window Ceiling is non-insulated with open roof above Receive a lot of sunlight after noon Usual occupant - 2 Location - hot n humid Kolkata:-x I have been reading the other...
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