1. Niilesh

    Tablet for 15-20K

    Budget - 15-20K Display- Bigger the better Camera - should have a decent camera OS - Android would be preferred but any OS will do. Primary usage - Whatsapp, internet surfing. Storage - Should support MicroSD card or have big internal memory. also IDK if all tablet support whatsapp...
  2. M

    Best Smartphones in 15-20k bracket

    Which are the best smartphones to buy in 15-20k bracket on basis of following parameters: 1) Processor 2) Display 3) Battery life 4) Operating System
  3. S

    A good configuration for a 15-20k rig...?

    Planning to buy a new rig....extremely tight on budget....:-( What i dont want... monitor,keyboard and mouse,ups... What i want ..... a good configuration in range 15-20k... CPU-amd or intel Mobo-no idea Ram-minimimum 4gb HDD-1tb PSU-no idea GPU-no idea Case-no idea What would...
  4. Xai

    Laptop @ 15-20K Budget

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) - Between 15-20K INR. The lower the better. 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? - No constraints. With this budget I think ~15" max would be available. 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't...
  5. V2IBH2V

    Needed: 5.1 Audio system within 15-20k

    I bought 42LM6410 this week. I need a good setup of 5.1 audio system for me in the bracket of 15-20k AT MOST. I would be getting it in next month or so.. It should have an "optical in" option as well.. Only audio.. I have a blu ray player with me.. All suggestions are heartly welcome.. ^-^
  6. S

    Netbook within 15-20k...

    Hi all, I am planning to buy a netbook with 15-20k within this diwali. I need the netbook for three main reasons: 1. Browsing and surfing the internet which would involve watching online videos, video calling etc. 2. Watching movies 3. Working on MS Office. I am totally new to netbooks so...
  7. montsa007

    15-20k Notebook

    A colleague needs a notebook within 15-20k budget. He isn't tech savvy and not a good colleague, so suggest a mild laptop which will occasionally serve him as a punishment for not being good :twisted:
  8. yogamoorthy

    Have 15-20k, want desktop...

    Hello World, There are many posts with similar requests. Too many, because of which I am starting this thread. I am looking for a rig without monitor for 15-20k and I have the following reservations Processor: AMD HDMI Output needed Speakers not required Wireless Keyboard and Mouse...
  9. G

    good Netbook with 12 inch screen with decent graphics 15-20k

    Need netbook 12 inch screen 15-20k decent graphics performance pls suggest Regards Nitish
  10. abhinav_bipnesh

    Looking for a handy cam for 15-20k

    Hi! Firstly i dont know as this is right place to ask this question if not please move it to proper section. Guys I am looking for a high definition hard drive based handy cam with having good optical zoom & good for still photo if used as one of one friend has gone to US so please help me out...
  11. D

    5.1 Speakers for 20k

    I want a good 5.1 speaker system.My primary use will be watching movies and playing games.Also tell me where I can find it at lamington road(shop name) at the cheapest price.My budget is between 15-20k.
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