1. mad1231moody

    Prize check - tell me how much I get

    Hi friends I want to upgrade and want to know the what price I will get for the old rig. The config is as follows :- Intel Pentium IV 2.4Ghz Asrock 845 mobo with IGP 80 GB Samsung HDD 512+256 RAM (CPU-Z shows 133MHz) LG 17" CRT monitor Along with kbd+mouse(ordinary) and casing(nothing...
  2. the great one


    I need 2 upgrade my sdram on my system can anyone tell me the price of 512 mb and 1gb SDRAM, 133Mhz.....
  3. B

    chennai - Selling whole/parts - P3/80GB/14'' Samsung/256MB Ram

    I am selling my system as it is getting older .. Planning to get a new one.. Thought if someone is interested they can pick these parts either combined or individually. I am at Chennai - wud prefer selling locally. 1. Motherboard: Intel D815EEA2 - 2. Processor:Intel Pentium 3 800 MHz 3...
  4. Mr.Cool

    Computer Hardware for Bangaloreans

    Hello there fellow Bangaloreans, Lemme get straight to the point, I'm selling my Geforce 5500 AGP 256mb graphics card, SD RAM @ 133mhz and/or a P4 1.6ghz. I had bought the graphic card in July last year and used it for 6 weeks. Its in perfect condition. PM me with ur asking price. And...
  5. K

    Few questions regarding RAM

    Hey folks........... I have a few questions about RAM.......... What is RDRAM?? How is it different from SDRAM and DDR?? How can I know what kind of RAM i have?? I have 128 Mb RAM with a frequency of 133MHz. I benchmarked my RAM and got the following results. Can anyone figure out the...
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