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    Official Android discussion thread

    Hello evryone . I am a new android user on samsung galaxy s advance . Can someone please suggest me how to remove home screens . There are 7 there .Can you also tell how to copy contacts from SIM to phone ?
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    Phone at Max Rs 17000

    Can you pls suggest what type of cover is best for it ? I have added screen guard only
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    Samsung Galaxy S advance.. When was it launched?

    Its good phone .Just got it on 11 nov fr Rs 18700 with bill . Dont know abt JB update .Is it officialy confirmed by samsung
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    Phone at Max Rs 17000

    Thanks friends fr helping me out . On sunday got myself S advance fr 18700 Rs. As you know i am noob in android can you pls suggest any link or site specific to new advance S users.
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    Phone at Max Rs 17000

    Can you Pls tell whether issue of apps not installing on SD card plagues on Sony Xperia phones or its common for all Android phones .
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    Phone at Max Rs 17000

    Hello Everyone . I am going to buy new phone and my maximum budget is 17,000 Rs . Now I have two issue 1) I am completely new to android, so the desired phone should be easy to use 2)I am confused between following sets A)SONY XPERIA GO- Good HW,SMALLL SCREEN,ISSUE OF APPS ON SD CARD...
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    problem of connecting bsnl broadband by mandriva linux spring 2008

    Plz Help Me HELLO evryone . actually i am new on linux and this community can u PLZ tell which is better destro PC LINUX 2007 . UBUNTU 8.04 .How to installl BSNL broadband on each of these ? i hve UT300R2U Modem . Hope to get reply soon .
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