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    Best Email Service

    Easier Interface in Yahoo! Though Gmail is also good but i have been using yahoo since 6 years so i like it.
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    Game Hangs!

    Hey! My PS2 hangs while playing FIFA 09. Its happening since yesterday. Can it be due to pirated Cds because of scratches. ? Initially it was freezing while loading and after that the game was freezing randomly while playing. Is it a PS2 or Game Disc problem. ? My PS2 is new, only 5 days old.
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    Game CD/DVD reading problem is PS2

    Re: CD/DVD reading problem in PS2 One more thing, the PS2 is also making some sound when i am inserting CD and closing the cover. some khirr....... sound.
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    Game CD/DVD reading problem is PS2

    CD/DVD reading problem in PS2 Hey Friends! Yesterday I purchased a new brand modded PS2 from palika, delhi. Yesterday i played in the evening for 1 hour and then the PS2 CD was not detected. I tried again and again with different game CD'S but its just showing Browser and System...
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    A+ and N+ Institute.

    Hi. I am planning to do COMPTIA A+(Hardware) and maybe N+ later on. How is Rooman Technologies in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi ? Its ISO 9001:2000 certified. The fees is also OK.
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    Best Centre Of NIIT

    Yes, I also hear that many NIIT centres are not so good. But how it is claimed as No. 1 institute ? Who gave the rating ?
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    Anybody joined BPO ?

    This is the website of the company. http://fobs.cc/index.html Lol............domain is .cc [:O]
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    Anybody joined BPO ?

    The company is FUTUREON BPO SOLUTIONS. Its not very famous but i have met one person working in this BPO. Its a genuine one.
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    Anybody joined BPO ?

    Today I gave an interview and got selected for US shift in Outbound/Sales Process. Its selling of some membership cards. It was just single round interview. Salary is 8K fixed + 6K incentives + cabs. After 1 month 11K fixed salary + incentives + cabs. They are also charging Rs 2000 for...
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    Anybody joined BPO ?

    Hey! Please dont argure! If you know any company in delhi in which there r daily walk-ins then please tell me.
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    Black Screen...

    @^^^^^ Thats the reason its not running. It requires 128 Mb gfx card with 1.1v pixel shader. You can visit http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/referrer/srtest to know what additional component you require.
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    Black Screen...

    Its probably due to low video memory. Whats ur graphic card and DX version ?
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    Supporting Mumbai Indians because of Sachin Tendulkar.
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    Anybody joined BPO ?

    @sam9s You are very much right. But dude! i am joining BPO only because i want to pursue MCA. MCA is my educational goal. I want to earn some money as you know the entrance preparation of MCA from SANMACS would cost Rs 50000 and then MCA admission fees is also high.
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