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    How to use College-Wide-Networking for File Sharing

    Hey Chips n Bits My college-wide-networking is now complete but still it's not worth for me. I mean I am unable to share files that can be accessed from anywhere in my College. I am staying at hostel and say that my IP address is The network here is through Wi-Fi but still I can...
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    Latest Error That I found in Windows XP

    Dear Friends I got this new problem in my PC and I need help and it's urgent The situation is explained as below 1. My System was restarted due to unknown thing. After restart I got this error file missing "ntoskrnl.exe". 2. I copied "ntoskrnl.exe" from my friends system (both PCs are of...
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    Wi-Fi Adaptor for Desktops

    Hey Chips n Bits As my college has Wi-Fi connnectivity and I own a desktop, I wanna purchase a Wi-Fi adaptor for my PC that would connect using USB. So please help me out with the brands available and things to take care while purchasing that. Please mention price for that too. I wanna...
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    [By Demand] Digit December 2007 Special Issue

    Please include Knoppix Linux ISO Image in Your special DVD. It will just cost 650MB of that. But it is cool for developers. Waiting for that. sky Please include at least a trial version of a software for DJing on PC. People would love that. I mean they like to mix music and make...
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    The Distro Request Thread

    Need Knoppix Call me @ 9970853377
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    A Strange 2MegaBytes Partition on my 160GigaBytes Hard Drive

    Hey Chips n Bits I am using a Seagate 160GB PATA HDD. At the time of purchasing it was formatted by some Seagate software which has now become a trouble for me. The name is Seagate ONTRACK The problems are:- 1. Delay in Startup, shows a blue screen 2. I cannot change...
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    transfer sms to one cell to another

    Try copying the messages, saving into notes Sending by bluetooth Again Pasting in Message And Save as Draft Long but cheap
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    Install ubuntu 7.04 -->with or without Cd (full detail)

    Can anyone tell me a LINUX which can read and write files on NTFS Drives. Need urgent help.
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    [By Demand] Digit August 2007

    My choice for Knoppix 5.11
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    The Distro Request Thread

    City: Amravati [Maharastra] Distro: Knoppix 5.0.1 or Later Media: CD or DVD
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    Is this a virus or not???????

    My PC was working great until the saturday when I restarted it and found that after Login Screen My Keyboard and Mouse Stopped working The system was not processing anything But I cud not do anything I restarted it many times but didn't solved the problem Even in Safe Mode, even...
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    hi chips n bits Can anybody know bout overclocking How it is done it's merits n demerits please write to this
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    The smallest LINUX ever created

    Hi Chips n Bits Can Anybody tell me the name of smallest LINUX live CD And Please give me the link for that too
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    Best Mobile in < Rs. 7000

    i know i have double posted it but i was suggested to do so by one of the members of this esteemed forum So Excuse me
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    CommWarrior 3

    My cell N-Gage-QD got sucked with CommWarrior 3 Plz help me out
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