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    How much can I sell my old stuff for?

    Any idea how much each of these could go for? i5 3470- never overclocked Gigbyte B75M-D3H motherboard Kingston 4gb x 2 ddr3 1600 mhz and Kingston 8gb x 1 ddr3 1600 mhz Gigabyte HD7750 LG 60cm IPS 24MP77 Xbox One 1 Tb with 2 controllers. Bought in 2016.
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    2 days old Microsoft wireless desktop 2000 keyboard mouse combo

    does it have off key for key board
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    S advance or Atrix 2

    go for atrix 2 its VFM got it just today from flipkart (and you get the list of Motorola service centers in your area with the phone)
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    Language learners' discussion thread !! :D

    I can speak: Hindi English Punjabi Koshur Can understand: Haryanvi learning: French and Bangla
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    Need IEM with Mic around 2,.5K

    i would have liked to but it has been stolen :cry:
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    Need IEM with Mic around 2,.5K

    i think i will give Tekfusion a pass using galaxy r and galaxy s3
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    Need IEM with Mic around 2,.5K

    Tekfusion never heard of this brand before :-?
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    Need IEM with Mic around 2,.5K

    I want to purchase a new set of IEM to replace my lost Skullcandy 50 50. The budget is around Rs 2,500 . I listen mainly to heavy metal . please suggest me a good IEM.
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    the Samsung Galaxy R discussion/troubleshooting thread

    a whole day with calls ,music n gprs auto sync is off
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    problem during creation of object file

    he has already given the location of the compilation error
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    problem during creation of object file

    ya it will not compile as the compiler cannot find the "node" structure so it does not know how much memory to allocate but on the other hand when you use a pointer to the node the compiler allocates 4 byte of memory for it :-)
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    Not even a month... my Galaxy R is stolen

    try this method it might work
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