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    Mail in Java

    Since you figured out the startup Servlet part, you should already be having a method something like: public void init(ServletConfig config) throws ServletException { super.init(config); } All you need is yet another class that implements Runnable. The run method checks the current...
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    Mail in Java

    Good. Most of the problems solved. You must be aware of a startup servlet. Register a startup servlet in the web.xml. In this, start a thread. Check the current date in this thread. Query the DB and compare if its -45 from the DB date, if it is, then do the mail sending part. If it is not...
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    NVIDIA admits to mobile graphics failures - finally.

    I am not sure about other lappys, but Dell is launching new BIOS / Firmware to mitigate the chances of a graphics failure. Soruces: here and recently from here. Also read:
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    Mail in Java

    Have you looked into JavaMail? I use that and is pretty easy to do. And JMS is not complicated. Pretty easy stuff. Service? No, you don't need any service. It depends on your automation requirement (regular scheduled, event based, etc.). Much depends on your application - what is it...
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    Career Guidance Help Plz

    Don't step into anything just because you heard good things about the pay. I've seen many people getting into the wrong technology with a big hype in the beginning and then later regretting their decision. Jump into what you like doing the most. What interests you, etc. etc. Regards, TT.
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    What Was The Configration,cost & Year Of Purchase Of Ur First Personal computer??

    My first PC: Bought in November 1995 :D Intels 32 bit 486 CPU 640 MB HDD 4 MB RAM (Yes, 4 MB and I still have the RAM modules with me...) Daewoo monitor (I do not remember the model no. etc.). It cost me 45,000 INR at that time (Fourty Five Thousand Rupees). Finally sold off all of the...
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    Purchase new steering wheel

    Have a look at the it depot.
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