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    Antivirus Guide & User Reviews.

    I think this one :
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    PC Suggested Configs

    Why not put on olx, FB marketplace for sell ...
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    Post your Speedtest results

    Theoretically it should not make any difference in ping time.
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    Official Windows 11 Thread

    no offence but it looks like win 11 is made by by some kids enrolled in whitehat jr.
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    PC Suggested Configs

    use ctrl+shift+v :D
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    Official Windows 11 Thread

    just went through cpu support list of windows 11 which looks more like a motherbaord rather than a OS :D Hope ms will bring in more processor support but if they don't then there's not much issue. Ms don't need users buying a windows OS anymore it's the os eco system they are relying on and they...
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    PC Suggested Configs

    looks like a India specific version
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    Desktop restarts due to voltage fluctuations

    Getting a good UPS is the most effective way to get rid of this issue. Changing battery of UPS is fairly easy and battery costs around ~700-800. A 600VA UPS for you is good enough. Get one from APC.
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    Computer stuttering while gaming

    My guess is this has do something with interference between graphic card and audio chip of the motherboard ... is it possible for you to try with a different sound card ?
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    Jio Fiber

    He is from TN
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    Facebook images loading problem

    on app or desktop browser ?
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    New Router

    Your connection Type / ISP / Service provider of internet ?
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    Jio Fiber

    If possible do post the speed you are getting here : Interested to see how much speed do they offer in trail period ? BTW, this trial period is for how many days ?
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    Which is best downloader other the IDM?

    Try any from the many and let us know :
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    Hdmi issue

    get this : Buy AmazonBasics 4K HDMI 3x1 Switch Online at Low Prices in India -
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