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    IEM under 1K

    Hi, probably I'm replying a bit late but better late than never :) Bhai, if you want good quality, wired is always better than wireless (technically). Also, there is no hassle of charging. Although, I do agree that wireless is convenient. If you want to try something different, I suggest...
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    Need new Earphones under 2k

    Signature Acoustics C-12 V2.0 It is a wooden earphone. Well within your budget. Try it, it's good. Have been using it since a year. They are offering 18 months warranty on it.
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    How to pick the best camera for vlogging in 2018

    Very interesting topic. Many other famous vloggers have also recommended the Sony RX100 V. Vlogging is very much in vogue in 2018 - I must admit that lately, the idea of starting a YouTube channel has been popping often in my mind. However, the type of camera depends on the style and genre of...
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    IEM around 2.5k

    This might be a late recommendation, but I suggest taking a look at the Signature Acoustics C12 version 2.0. It is a wooden earphone and I have used both version 1 and 2. I bought V1 3 years back at 2500 but was lucky to get V2 at 999/- as part of an introductory offer. Now prices have gone up...
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    Bluetooth Speakers

    Go with JBL :)
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    Need stereo setup: 50K

    Hello Sahil, Since you have already received a recommendation for the M10, I suggest you to take a look @ Swans' 2.0 models such as D1080 series, M200A and M200MKIII. The D1080 is often used for studio monitoring so should suit your two cents.
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    Budget speaker setup for Tv.

    Many 2.1 setups don't have good clarity due to overwhelming bass. This means that although action scenes will be good, you will not be able to hear dialogues very well as they will sound muffled. So if you are looking at Logitech Z623, check out Swans M10 also. I have used it extensively - it...
  8. TheProfessor1987 Great Indian Laptop Survey

    Took the survey. I got many insights on how I make buying decisions. Build quality and warranty are at the top of my list.
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    Signature Acoustics Robin Bluetooth Adapter Review

    Good review. Nicely written. Satisfied to see a quality product from an Indian brand. Has anybody else used this bluetooth device? Plz share your insights.
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    M10 has enough grunt to fill a small to medium sized room. Most people don't use a DAC with M10...

    M10 has enough grunt to fill a small to medium sized room. Most people don't use a DAC with M10 as it is a budget speaker. DAC/AMP will give louder volume. FiiO has a couple good DACs in ur budget. Connecting M10 is usually not a problem. It comes with RCA to 3.5 mm cable. You can easily buy...
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    2.1 under 6000

    Swans M10 is probably your best option for 2.1 under will find good deals if you look around...Bass is not overpowering...service is not an issue as the brand has an official presence in the country (not import)...It does not have bluetooth but you can find plenty of BT receivers on...
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    Alternate ways to stream content and torrents

    Thanks for your reply. Do you know whether these channels stream the uncensored version of GOT in India. Watching GOT on TV may or may not work for me. I prefer to watch it when it is convenient for me as I might be busy when it's aired on TV. Either I need a way to record it on my TV. (I...
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    Alternate ways to stream content and torrents

    But now where to watch Game Of Thrones? I don't mind paying for Hotstar but I don't want to watch in on my smartphone/tab/notebook. The screen is too small and I don't like it. I would like to watch it on my TV so that I can get feel all the special effects via home theater. Is buying chromecast...
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    Pre-GST Sale on Audio Products

    Thanks, I am enjoying the forum :)
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    India bans sale of unproductive cattle for slaughter

    This was way back in 2011. I wouldn't be surprised if the number has crossed the 10 digit mark by now.
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