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    Help needed for buying a nokia mobile under 16k..

    I bought N82 for 14k, and very happy with it except for the battery backup. You can get it for even less, just search for the left over pieces in the market, as Nokia has stopped this model.
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    any symbian champs out there ?

    I got the cer and key from opda and used hello ox2 to successfully hack my N82. Thanks alot guys !
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    any symbian champs out there ?

    @Third Eye I am trying to get opda certificate. Previously, I have tried on two other chinese sites, where they were saying that cert and key already active for this IMEI. What are other alternatives except installing a hacked firmware, as I dont want risk bricking my phone ?
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    any symbian champs out there ?

    @Tamoghno N82 V31.0.016 RM - 313 @Cool G5 I already know what you have posted. But the problem is you need a signed HelloOX. This means 17 capability developer certificate, which I found that somebody already has got issued for my IMEI. Also, I don't know the location of 'my folders' . Do you ?
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    any symbian champs out there ?

    Hi friends, I am new to symbian and am confused : 1. How to hack the phone to remove the 'certificate error' or 'certificate expired error'. 2.Have gone through some blogs pertaining to hellox, and requested for certificate and key on a chinese website, only to find that these were already...
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    Suggestion for SE phone 10-12K

    I have been a very big fan of SE. My first phone was T105. Subsequently I have bought W series phones. If you have an ear for quality then there is no match for W series phone. But after using Windows and Symbian mobile you will find that they have unlimited capabilities, whereas SE's mobiles...
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    SE W995 Review by Naveen_Reloaded

    I don't think this cell is worth the price. Compared to W705, which is 8k less, it just has one aspect better - 8mpx camera (and that too without a flash). And yes you can buy an 8GB card in 1k. Speed of UI in all walkman phones is almost same (have used W850, W580 and W705), and I don't...
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    Suggestion for SE phone 10-12K

    Let me highlight + and - of both : W705 : + Big screen + Wifi - Low Sound from speaker - Only one LED is not sufficient for night pics W595 : + One of the best stereo speakers - Plastic built - slightly overpriced, you can get more features in N73 - camera without flash light...
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    [By Demand] April 2009

    Sudokool 2.5 Please include Sudokool 2.5 under games (freeware) Details of the same can be found at *
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    Sudokool V 2.0 A must try

    Sudokool V 2.5 Sudokool has been updated to v 2.5 to make gameplay fast and easier. Updated features are as follows : 1. Play unlimited puzzles in 4 difficulty levels : Simple, Easy, Medium and Hard. 2. Can be controlled with both mouse and keyboard. 3. Statistics like how many puzzles...
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    P 3400i or the Touch Viva? Is it really worth!!

    I have a P3400i, and have overclocked it from 201MHz to 247MHz. Its performance is now acceptable. I would suggest you to go for P3400i, if 1) You don't need WiFi in mobile 2) You can manage without running multiple applications simultaneosly on mobile, or can tolerate sluggishness while...
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    Sudokool V 2.0 A must try

    Hi Friends ! After 3 years - finally I updated Sudokool and am launching it as v 2.0. You can find the old thread of Sudokool dating back to 25 Sep 2005 here Main features of this update are : - Puzzle generator added to generate unlimited puzzles - Improved puzzle solver algorithm...
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    Tabe v1.08.09b Released

    great work ..
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    A Fantastic Offer - You are not dreaming.

    i got it today :)
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    vista automatically hibernating

    My laptop goes into hybernation automatically all of a sudden. Please suggest where the problem lies.
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