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    Amazing World Clock

    thanks for the link bro..
  2. Tapomay

    [Preview + Feedback] Digit February 2008

    nothing interesting... :(
  3. Tapomay

    Tatas' Rs 1 lakh car at Auto Expo 2008

    now it's official website and some cool wallpapers - http://www.tatapeoplescar.com/tatamotors/php/images/wallpaper1_1024.jpg http://www.tatapeoplescar.com/tatamotors/php/images/wallpaper2_1024.jpg http://www.tatapeoplescar.com/tatamotors/php/images/wallpaper3_1024.jpg...
  4. Tapomay

    Best Email Service

    i use hotmail, gmail and rediffmail; but rediffmail is my favourite. never face any problem with rediffmail with my slow connection.
  5. Tapomay

    Tatas' Rs 1 lakh car at Auto Expo 2008

    ^^ from second half of this year.. :)
  6. Tapomay

    Tatas' Rs 1 lakh car at Auto Expo 2008

    some more pics and info of the new Tata Nano here
  7. Tapomay

    Name your gadget/device/electronic item of the year 2007

    Apple iPod Video Canon S3 IS Nokia N73 ME ...because I own all these in 2007. :)
  8. Tapomay

    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    Ocean 11,12
  9. Tapomay

    Different Font Color on XP Prof. OS

    ^^ ha ha ha ...........
  10. Tapomay

    Best Indian Actor

    hard to name just one, but i think it's Aamir Khan.
  11. Tapomay

    January 2008 - Opinion Poll

    My vote goes for Option [A] No cheap and good BB service is available here. So I previously used BSNL's dial-up service. But after paying the huge bills (for nothing) for a few years I decided to go for Airtel's MO plan. No EDGE here, so Speed is very very slow. But I have to use it for now. :(
  12. Tapomay

    Jasubhai Digital Media is no more!!

    This forum is Raaabo's property :?: :?: my god !!! where from you got this info?? :D Dear, this forum is maintained by Jasubhai Digital Media and Raaabo is/was just an admin of the forum. :) I think no major change will happen to the mag and forum if 'Digit' is published through any other...
  13. Tapomay

    [By Demand] Digit January 2008

    just look at here - http://www.chip-india.com/diskcontent.php we also want those....
  14. Tapomay

    How late do you recieve your Subscribed copy

    ^^ same here. and this is not uncommon for me. :(
  15. Tapomay

    n73 themes???encrypter!!!!!

    Try the forum 'gsm0'. btw this is my first post from my new N73 ME itself. This is an amazing device I thing. :)
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