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    Graphics card Fan replacement

    no reply yet, it never happened b4..
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    Graphics card Fan replacement

    thx for the reply... i can attach the fan if compatible fan is available, dont worry about that, and by the way i think they are not giving the warranty on the fan of GFX card???? Shopkeeper said that there is no warranty on the fan of gfx card. so i removed it by myself. what now?
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    Graphics card Fan replacement

    Hello friends , My graphics card isnt working anymore becuse cooling fan is damaged, i need to replace it, please tell me the proper place where should i go to buy the fan. My graphics card is : Galaxy 9400gt (1gb ram). it looks like :
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    24GB of RAM not showing up. Only 16GB shown.

    U dont hav to buy any other pc parts now until ur grandson showed up.
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    Dynamic partition created problem to boot OS

    THANX ALL OF YOU WHO THINK OVER THIS ISSUE, this problem is solved thanks to Parted magic bootable disk, thx evry1..
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    Dynamic partition created problem to boot OS

    Hello everyone, yesterday I bought new HDD seagate 1TB 7200, I created partitions with help of windows 7 installation disk and then i install win7 on C drive. I created partitions as follows: C drive: 100 GB () D drive: 300 GB () And then remaining space is aprox. 600GB win7 doesn not...
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    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    CHeck my previous posts Please check my previous post with my problem...... i check my GFX card box, it says requirements are PSU with 300W( 12v with 18A). MY PSU is with 400W( 12v with 17A).... is that 1A difference in requirement is causing me problem?
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    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    PSU MY PSU IS Model : Iball LPE 223-400 +3.3v :25A +5V :32a -5A :0.3a +12A :17A -12A :0.8A +5VSB :2A plz tell me if it isnt work for MSI Nvidia 9400gt. ---------- Post added at 05:33 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:30 PM ---------- And my processor is intel core 2 duo E6550...
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    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    msi 9400gt problem i just bought msi nvidia 9400gt gfx card, i have installed gfx card first time in my life, i dont know the settings....... the problem is that my pc getting freezed evry time i start it, the mouse can move but screen gets freezed, this is looking like the refreshing of...
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    CPU overheating

    From somedays my PC automatically get restarted without any reason, i was unable to find reason, but then i download intel desktop utility from intel manufractureressite, my cpu is intel core2duo E6550( 2.3 Ghz) , 2 Gb ram. yesterday I installed unreal tournament 2004 at that time when i...
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    "shader model 3.0" and "hardware transform and lightening"

    This two factors in subject messed with my whole holidays, when everytime i ran new games my system gives me error that this two factors are absent in my onboard graphics card, my system congfig. is as follows mobo- INtel DG33BU processor: Intel core 2 duo 2.3 Ghz (E6550) Mem-2gb DDR ( 2...
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    Windows Scandisc...issues

    Hey guyz, I have problem with scandisk of windows....I have 4 drives (c,d,e,f) and few days ago, windows scandisk was checking my F drive for errors everytime I start my computer, but then I reinstall my windows XP SP2, But again the problem continues.........PLZ help me....
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    FOlder....locked permanent

    Hey friends...recentley I download software named folder lock.BUt I used it to lock folder but as I want to open that folder Again...This software cant open it...and I tried DOs prompt to open it but it says "accesss denied". After then I removedmy HDD and connet it to other machine, but there...
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    DOwnloading stucked................

    HEllo Friends......I am facing a problem related to download, when I am trying to download a file above somewhat 3-4 mb download gets freezed and nothing happens PC works well its doesnt hang problem but only download gets stucked........Even the same peoblem with the Youtube...
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