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    Google Nexus 5 Thread

    Such a clock bug has never happened to me or any of my N5 user friends. That's weird.
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    120-144hz Gaming Monitor Help!

    I bought my GPU and some other stuff from them. They are reliable.
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    120-144hz Gaming Monitor Help!

    Well you can try eBay. I saw a listing for 20k for the LG.
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    120-144hz Gaming Monitor Help!

    LG 24GM77 seems to be the best option at that price range. I personally did quite a bit of research on the same since I'm planning to buy one myself next month. Check out the reviews for it. It seems to be a good product.
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    Please suggest screenguard and flip cover for mi pad

    My dad has been using a MiPad for about 6 months now. There is no screen guard applied since it's not required. He uses a case similar to this one Luxury Slim TRI Fold PU Leather Flip Case Cover FOR Xiaomi MI PAD 7 9" Tablet | eBay
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    Google Nexus 5 Thread

    Anyone here upgrading to Nexus 6? Flipkart is giving 10k discount for exchange on Nexus 5 with Nexus 6 making the final cost just 15k. Considering that Marshmallow might be the last official update for the N5 and there probably won't be any developer previews for android N next summer, I think...
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    Google Nexus 5 Thread

    I updated mine and my friend's to the latest xTraSmooth ROM based on 6.0. Even we're running ElementalX 6.01. Performance is so fast, I can't justify buying a new phone even though I'm bored of this one :P
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    Battlefield 4

    So is it worth buying premium? Are there popular Asian servers running the DLC maps? I haven't played BF4 in a long while.
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    Battlefield 4

    The Mexico trick still works? Saw that premium is 10$ on Origin Mexico. Should I buy it then?
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    Post your latest Purchase

    If it actually took you that much effort to apply a Nillkin then no offence but you're a noob at applying screen protectors :P I can easily apply Nillkin's in the 1st attempt since they provide so many good accessories in the package, especially the anti-static film.
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    Gaming Mouse replacement for Logitech G400

    Logitech G402 is actually better for fps gaming than G502. I personally replaced my G400 with G402 and am quite happy with it. It even has the extra buttons that you want. Other than that you may consider SteelSeries Rival. The mouse itself costs about 4.5k but is available in a bundle along...
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    Official OnePlus 2 Discussion Thread

    I signed up for the invites on the 1st day itself but haven't received one yet.
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    Why Internet in our country is so costly.. lets find out together

    If anyone here can provide a 10 mbps truly unlimited stable connection(with good pings for gaming) within Rs 1k-2k, every household will go for it. Currently using Reliance 4 mbps unlimited plan for a bit over 1k a month, speed is as promised though the pings aren't that great and customer...
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    Need to buy a MP FPS. Help!

    If you just wanna shoot some people and have fun then buy Battlefield 3/4 or CoD AW or BO2 or MW3. If you are serious about the game and have the dedication to learn, buy CSGO. Insurgency is a hardcore shooter and can get a bit frustrating but it's a thrilling experience.
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    Battlefield 4

    Will try to play with you guys tomorrow.
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