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    avg updates

    hai, in which location r the avg automatic updates stored?
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    MOSER BAER DH-20A4P problem

    Hi, I have the moser baer dh 20a4p dvd rw drive. The problem is when i burn cd's it burns at 16x ,but manufacturer claims its capable of burning cd's at 48x.I use nero for burning cd's.How to solve this? Also there are no firmware updates for this drive on the moser baer website...
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    good dvd r/w

    Hey can u tell me from where i can get a verbatim dvd rw in bangalore,please:eek:
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    good dvd r/w

    hey can anybody suggest me a good dvd r/w media which can last long. Last time i got a moserbaer dvd r/w ,it lasted only 4 burns. Is there any way i can differenciate between bad quality and original dvd r/w?
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    Hi, Can anybody suggest me some good books to know about HDMI?
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    wmiprvse.exe - No disk error

    hey that did not work.Anyhow thanks for the reply:o I am also getting the following error at startup "windows cannot find 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv32.exe'.Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the start button,and then clicl Search." See if...
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    hdmi info needed

    hey, I want to know the technical aspects of HDMI. Can anybody help me out.
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    wmiprvse.exe - No disk error

    Hi, whenever i insert my kingston pendrive into the usb port and at startup, i get the following error message "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive \Device\Harddisk\DR7" It is really annoying.Please help me overcome this:o
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    kubuntu removal,help.....

    hai, I have installed kubuntu 6.10 on my system. I want to how i can remove it without affecting my windows boot . Can anybody please help me:)
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    NOkia n72 not detected,help!!

    Hi, My friend bought a nokia n72 in january . He has installed the bundled pc suite on his computer(p4 , 256 mb ram , windows xp home edition sp2).The problem is that the pc suite does not detect the phone. please help me solve my freind's problem.
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    Hello, Can anybody tell what the eAAC+ audio format is and how good is it as compared to the mp3 format?Is there any software that can convert mp3 to eAAC+ format? Are m4a and eAAC+ one and the same?
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    lite-on dvdrom/cd writer combo drive problem

    dvd-rom,dvd-r,dvd+r all dvd formats
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    lite-on dvdrom/cd writer combo drive problem

    Hai , I have the hp pavilion a1020in desktop pc.It came with the lite-on combo sohc 4832k dvdrom/cd writer combo drive.The drive was working great until yesterday when it did not recognise dvds.it does not autoplay .When i try to right click and open it shows a blank window (no files...
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