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    Difference b/n WWW. and WWW2. ??????????

    many sites with haeavy bandwidth usage like yousendit use many domains that ultimately link to the parent site!!!! so theoritically can have unlimited domains!!!!!!
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    SPAM but which language????

    118% russian anyways if u cant read it delete it :D if u want to read it there r many online translators just do a google!!!!! :idea:
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    Problem Reading Last Session of CDR

    try isobuster or magiciso both ro>< :D
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    Winzip error...Help please!

    well if u downloaded the file using flashget then there is an option called "fix corrupted zip file" try that and it should locate exactly how much data it has to redownload!!! if that fails then as the other people said u have to download it again!!!!!! :!:
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    Partitioning Laptop's HDD

    no change in hardware specs i own a toshiba notebook and i ahve succesfully created 4 partitions on a 40 GB harddisk. i have grub as loader and run red hat 9 and win xp using powerquest partition magic!!! i think that ur hard disk has some bad clusters!!! :!: try runnin scandisk...
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    --:{free data hosting services}:--

    hey alibi the main reason is that i have a vast array of soft that i would like to share with my friends!! i have a lan connection and most of my friends too!!! the main prob is of a static ip otherwise i would have opened a ftp server on my sys!!!!! so speed is not an area of...
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    --:{free data hosting services}:--

    man the browser plugin is a java keylogger and it suxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!! any other options???????
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    Pictures Hosting Website

    millions!!!! just naming a few just google and u will find zillions!!! :twisted:
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    --:{free data hosting services}:--

    well i need a few sites except Yousendit which can allow people to view ur files and download them!!!!!!! :D any help will be appreciated!!!!!!!!!
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    --:{prob with windows update}:--

    hell removed even that now wat??????????
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    VCD Splitting Question - Help me out here guys

    isobuster the best!!!!!!!!
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    NFS underground 2

    man i have 1.34 GB in rar format!!!!!!!!!!
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    Help about Antivirus and Firewall

    most probably u do have a virus on ur win xp config try to find it using extendia antivirus or some other antivirus. r u facing the same prob with other firewalls ???? if yes then u do have a virus and if it does nt get cleaned up using antivirus proggiues then i am afraid u have to...
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    --:{installing Unintelligent nodes for a cyber cafe}:--

    so no geekies upto it!?????????
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    --:{installing Unintelligent nodes for a cyber cafe}:--

    Guys recently one of my very good friends who runs a cyber cafe ran into alot of trouble. he has a cafe with five systems and one of the hard disks on the systems went boink i.e it died.. so now he has desided to run unintrelligent nodes that is he has decided to run all five systems froma...
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