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    Looking for best web hosting in India

    Try bigrock
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    Need Separate section for Operating System

    its gud to add two subsection Linux and Windows under new section Operating System
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    Need Suggestions in Audio & Video Player

    Stick with Cowon only. it has true value for money. Others are just gimmicks...
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    can 32 bit programs utilize more memory while running in 64 bit environment??

    Hi..s, I am not a professional coder and i do not have in-depth knowledge about memory addressing. Recently i have decided to upgrade my Window 7 to 64bit. Now i have a doubt that whether a 32 bit program can utilize more ram memory (i.e. >4GB) while running in 64 bit environment? If so, any...
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    Help me to solve loop-login problem in ubuntu 11.04

    I have an up-to-date ubuntu 11.04 system in multi-boot environment with Win XP and Win7 ultimate where grub2 is default boot loader. Yesterday, i have some strange problem that while entering username and password in login window, unity desktop could not load and the login screen come again...
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    Socket 939 motherboard required.

    i have one.... i can offer it cheap bcoz pci express slot not working.
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    Which is your preferred media player?

    as i have 110 GB+ songs my experience is Freeware/Open Source Audio > WMP Video > Media Player Classic / VLC Paid (as well as amongst best ) Audio > Video> Cowon Jet Audio plus VX 8 (for crystal clear sound / unique sound enhancements / minimum distortion in sound enhancement> But...
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    How to buy Sony X series Walkman in India

    I already known, but is there any other way to buy imported items through online/any reputed sellers in india?
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    BSNL 3G data plan not activated HELP ME

    guys, today i have bought 3g prepaid sim from bsnl (chennai) for my HTC legend and recharged for Rs.120/- (6 month plan validity talk time Rs.20/-) and 203 for data plan (500MB). but when i browse the internet, the problems starts. the cost of usage of data wrongly deducted from main...
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    How to buy Sony X series Walkman in India

    Anybody please tell where do i buy sony X series Walkman in India...
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    Which is best Pendrive/Hard-Drive {speed}

    Actually pen drives are mostly in same real time performance. If you want enthusasist on usage of pen drive, Just stick with "Class 4 or Class 6 " pen drives. it costs double in compare with Class 2 pen drives. Currently Class 2 pendrives are only available in the market. So you have...
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    Analyst Says Nokia's MeeGo is "the Biggest Joke In the Tech Industry Right Now"

    Nokia and MS alliances confirmed in New York Times update: windows phone 7 on nokia devices
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    Analyst Says Nokia's MeeGo is "the Biggest Joke In the Tech Industry Right Now"

    But one thing we could not is in the hand of Google. so of new creativities will be possible like wednesday's introduction of cloud based android market..that can easily install app through just click without connecting or syncing wired/wireless.. so android is on top and meego...
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    Best Mini Portable Stereo Speakers?

    yes.. there is no distortion at max volume. excellent one. but pl ensure whether you bought the original one. lot of clones are available in portalble speakers space. so be careful.
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