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  • I know, I thought that you are from hyd.
    Among those you ahve listed Ortel, Tikona sucks, at least what I saw of them. BSNL can be on & off connection, depending on your exact location and the QoS there. And Sify is a very good ISP, at least at Kolkata, but with slightly higher monthly rental..
    Though luck
    You can check the warranty info from the product serial no. on CM website.. You can check with that..
    No, It provides 2mbps (5mbps at night) for whole month, but on at-least 2-3 days per month, speed goes to 15-20mbps.
    if not LG, then SL it is. He can also look for HTC One S but price difference between SL & One S is around 1-2k. for that amount SL packs better screen & internal memory along with a better cam.
    Sony Xperia SL & LG Optimus 4X HD. 4X HD will slightly overshoot the budget but worth it. lot better internals.
    I try to visit once a month depending on the current workload here. We have the usual calendar holidays.
    Which is your hometown ? bbsr ?
    Company expects 9hrs daily. I do less.
    I am a java developer, but currently working with oracle soa.
    i am a software developer. mostly coding stuff.
    work timings are a bit flexible at the moment.
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