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  • My warranty is given till 5/6/2011, and regarding sata2 or sata3 u will not able to feel very high performance in real world. And I am surely going to shoot an email to WD, after I receive my hdd, for providing the misleading info as they have clearly stated in their products page that WD5000AAKX is sata3, so why is that the drive is actually sata2. And I will be using it in a sata1 port.
    I have already registered the hdd and when i now looked at the specs from sl. no its given sataII, pissed off man, but i read in another forum a member buyed a seagate 1tb sata3 hdd @ about 2.7k, so its the same rate as sata2, shops reputed like smc should have the newer product, and in the news link i gave to you the 500gb sata3 price is mentioned as 1.9k and that too in december.Anyways there's not a huge difference between sata 2 and 3
    Hey my bro will be here on 30th this month, so i will then only be able to check whats written on the hdd, and i will surely update you with the info,for now i only have a pic(mobile pic not clear) of it and there's nowhere written sata2 or sata3 and to be precise the model no. is WD500AAKX-001CA0. BTW how were you able to determine your's is sata2 from sl no.
    Oh and forget to mention it was launched in india in dec 2010-
    Hey bro, actually my brother will be here(Assam), so then i will actually get to see what's written on it, and i got the sata3 info from wd site- http://www.wdc.com/global/products/specs/?driveID=896&language=1
    The manufacture date on the hdd is 6/4/2011, and actually none of the shops had wdc but only seagate, but at smc he got it, so maybe new batch are sata3, and they were not accepting a rupee less than 1.9k, but after lot bargaining they gave it.
    I'll call some of the shops in Kolkata and let you know the exact price. But I don't think FSP Saga is available in Kolkata. However, Tacen supero PSU are available and FSP is their OEM.
    Yes you are correct. Boot from the disc and install the os onto the primary partition of your harddisk.
    you are correct. Just assemble everything and then you have to boot with your OS CD and install your OS.
    Brand new ups had this prob with my rig...
    It was able to power my bro's dual core rig with 8600gt
    Zero backup while gaming.. i.e, wen gaming if power goes off, PC goes off n restarts...

    That was not the prob of UPS, since it was able to power my bro's rig while gaming...
    You told u had a Zeb. UPS. How much backup did it give. How long did it work for???
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