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    Hi, you seem a civ IV fanatic like myself. I would like to exchange notes with you on gameplay...

    Hi, you seem a civ IV fanatic like myself. I would like to exchange notes with you on gameplay. Reply, preferably on my google ID: sanjay.saraf2000@gmail.com
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    Top 10 games on 2007

    Can anyone play 10 full games in a year ?! I can't being a working man and doubt anyone can. Not even students. I mean SOME TIME you have to study too ! Anyway, to me the one great game of the year was WIC. Simple and elegant. Though I wish Single Player had been longer.
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    Watch out for these upcoming PC titles

    Sometimes, in games, u won't enjoy initially. In fact, I had experiences where I did not enjoy games for the first few sittings each longer than 30 mins. Examples: Civ IV, Rome: Total War (playing now in fact) But I always believe in reader reviews and ratings. Look up those in a couple of...
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    Strategy vs Action Games !

    I am seeing on forums that action games arouse MUCH MORE interest than strategy games - guys have just gone on discussing games like Crysis and Bioshock whereas strat games seem to leave them cold ! Maybe we can form a strat game fan club !
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    Watch out for these upcoming PC titles

    That was true of World in Conflict too (single player). My theory is: game developers reckon they don't have to spend a lot of time and money in single player any more since most gamers would go MP and get the value of money still.
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    Best Game Ever.........

    Civ IV. Makes u really think. Very addictive and you can go on learning continuously. Visually great too.
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    Watch out for these upcoming PC titles

    Anyone tried / thinking of trying "supreme commander: Forged Alliance". User ratings are good
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    Watch out for these upcoming PC titles

    You should never look at IGN ratings alone while assessing a game. I bought 2 - 3 lousy games a couple of years back because of this mistake. Look at reader ratings too. For Crysis, it is 8.7 average which is good but not great. Also, play Crysis ONLY if you have at least 8600 GT + 2 GB RAM...
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    Watch out for these upcoming PC titles

    Anybody laid his hands on Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance ?
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    problem in uninstalling

    I would try the following: 1. Try removing the programme through "add or remove programs" in the control panel menu. 2. If 1. does not work, then simply delete the directory in which the program was installed.
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    Best Game Ever.........

    For some reason, shooters are much more popular than strat games though my best experiences have been with strat games - Civ IV, Starcraft, RON and now WIC. The only exception was Deus Ex which is not shooter but RPG / adventure type. Maybe we can debate why strat games get such a short...
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    game suggestionz

    Sherlock Holmes did not seem to be very good. Ratings overall also are mediocre. This game is more or less ruled out for me. Pity noone ever created a game like Grim Fandango ..
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    Gaming in Bangalore + Presentation

    Ram, There is a shop on Brigade Road which seemed to have the best stock of games in Bangalore. It is a like 30 mtrs from KFC towards the Residency Road. You have to sort of look for it in the basement. They used to give me 10% discount too. You might want to play World in Conflict or...
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    Best Game Ever.........

    No civ here !
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    All Calcuttans in Digit

    Ayush, Happy diwali to u too. I bought (because I go for old classics I missed) Rome: Total War after finishing WIC. Got a good deal as RTW gold box has come for 699/- What have u bought / plan to buy after OB
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