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    Compatibility question

    for memory compatibility list you can get it from google search Z370 HD3P (rev. 1.0) | Motherboard - GIGABYTE Global enabling xmp profile, it is not guaranteed to run at 3000 so you have to get a memory from the memory support list to have a better chance of running at 3000
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    30K laptop / HP experiences?

    :chucks: got people here encouraging people to use crack OS
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    Toshiba Satellite - C640-I4014 - Buying advice

    well u gotta buy a pair of gloves to be used when u use ur laptop :mrgreen: i think it is typo
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    Buy back price for this rig ?

    not more than 5000 including hdd for the HP system i guess.
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    Serious Problem Occurred

    now u must have learned "if it aint broke dont try to fix it"
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    [SOLVED] Beeps once, Beeps twice, no video signal...

    Re: Beeps once, Beeps twice, no video signal... looks like ur graphics card is dead. it can fail anytime. i have one fail on me when i rebooted..working few mins before..then it fail suddenly when i reboot. the least u can do..try to clean the graphics card connector using an eraser.and...
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    Sony SB series laptop

    ANYone bought any of this series of Sony laptop? how is it?
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    APC UPS BR800IN problems

    My APC UPS BR800IN (out of warranty) with a clicking sound flashed from green to amber(battery light) repeatedly..there is nothing wrong with my electrical line. the other UPS has no such problem. i can start the UPS in battery mode without line. In both the case.the socket at the back..live...
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    Dell India Payment Options

    ic..thanks for the info mack1983:razz:
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    Wait for intel's Sandy Bridge or not?

    so it boils down to whether one can wait or not ^^
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    Dell India Payment Options

    They are forcing me to accept the option to "have a dell rep call me", and they also have option to "not have a dell rep call me" but that option dont work.. lol before i submit to their force, i would like to know what u guys opted for as a payment option. So what u guys think is a better...
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    Dell Inspiron 14R

    integrated graphics will be fine for movies ...
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    Price of Exide 12V 7AH battery

    Have anyone bought the 12V 7AH batteries recently of Exide or other companies? If so then what is the current market price? Thanks
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    1 TB HDD Suggestion

    thanks for the info.. looks like option 2 seemed to be better in my case.. dont want to have too many harddisk connected..already have one other 250gb one...
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    1 TB HDD Suggestion

    Hey guys and gals... i am looking for a 1TB HDD Not quite in touch with current hardware, so if anyone has recently bought a 1TB HDD or has been using it for sometime, Suggest which one is the one i should go for.. thanks
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