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    Best Antivirus

    Crappy PCS? go for NoD32. nothing else
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    AMd cutting prices by HALF!!

    Good enough!
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    Please rate my PC Case Modification..

    Get UV lights or special modding-only pipe lights, or fan mounted lights...
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    tell me a good desktop calender

    Rainlendar is pretty good but you need skins. Download HERE: Or try Yahoo! Widgets..
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    need a phone, max budget : 8k

    yeah l6 it is
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    price of ipods

    this can help just click on archives and youll be done Raiden
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    The HalfLife & CounterStrike Thread (with new CS trailer)

    Re: All Counter-Strike/Half Life/Half Life 2 Queries here Or try the reliance webworld or Sify cafes near need for game and hardware..
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    headphones within 1k to 1.5k

    @ Joshi...actually some nokia sets permit just nokia see if yours has such an issue then reply.. @slugger.. Try Sony's fontopia series.
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    SuSe problems

    you probably told it to run most of it on it uses the lot.
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    Sony Ericcson K300i

    use a DKU cable. Infrared is too wierd for pc to phone transfer
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    Airtel - customer care

    yeah right. Just as you tend to go to an open place and recieve clearer voice...cuz most indoor stuff interferes with signals
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    Broadband with Dial-up's

    the modem speed will not be affected..the phone line has its limits.. get real broadie..
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    Html code for forum

    also try this They give a domain for free or this for a free .tk domain... just be sure to make ur own php database with PhP-nuke
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    Html code for forum

    i dont think they give this cpanel and SQL and PHP for free. To make your own database get PHP-Nuke ( that is if you have a proper hosted website, not a free host like lycos and all) Try for hosting deals...they even have a free version..but u have to make your own PHP and all...
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    Html code for forum

    actually there are service need to install all this in the php or MySQL database of your site. Service providers... IPB vBulletin
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