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    Logitech Z443.....

    I am also interested in these speakers, anybody who has first hand accounts on these please share some feedback.
  2. r2d2

    HP G4-2049TX extended warrany

    Thanks Anish, I called up HP CC, its confirmed, the extended warranty for 2049tx costs Rs. 2999 as it is DOS based.
  3. r2d2

    HP G4-2049TX extended warrany

    Thanks Anish, I am actually planning to buy this laptop, in the webpage it says for "Windows SKU’s only" but G4-2049TX comes with DOS only.
  4. r2d2

    HP G4-2049TX extended warrany

    Hi Guys What is the cost of extended warranty of this laptop (G4-2049TX), dealers are saying its either Rs 1999 or Rs 2999 so I am bit confused. If any of you guys own this laptop can you please confirm how much you pay for this extended warranty.
  5. r2d2

    Cheap Pen Drives

    Is it the Voyager GT? else its too expensive, I got Corsair 8GB Flash Voyager for Rs 850 yesterday.
  6. r2d2

    8gb Pendrive Sugestion

    Bought a Corsair Voyager 8gb for Rs. 850 from computer empire, new delhi.
  7. r2d2

    N96 available for 34,999

    @subir12 By hw 3D accelaration I mean hardware 3D graphics not the motion detecting accelerometer.
  8. r2d2

    N96 available for 34,999

    ^^ There is not much games which are making use of hw 3D accelaration, I guess it will be like that in the near future too because game developers will never release games which will only work on 2-3 handsets at max, but N96 does have hw video accelaration for codecs like H.264, MP4 etc which I...
  9. r2d2

    Nokia N96 launched in India TODAY

    I request anybody who buy the n96, please tell us what is the audio quality like with respect to phones like n91.
  10. r2d2

    New offer by paymate for giftmate rs.250 voucher.. ENjoy!!!

    I also cant find the offer on that site.
  11. r2d2

    Upcoming Nokia N96 Specs Leaked At German Nokia Website

    Those reviews are done on pre production samples which are still buggy/unoptimized, lets wait for the final product to be released.
  12. r2d2

    Upcoming Nokia N96 Specs Leaked At German Nokia Website

    Most current ngage games does not have support for hardware 3d acceleration yet, so its not a big deal for me, btw n81 which is supposed to be the gaming flagship of nokia also does not have hardware 3d acceleration. What I am really interested is that the n96 will sport a new DAC chip which...
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    Perl Basics

    This is not entirely true cos perl internally compile the script to bytecode and execute it, but this process is completely transperent to the user.
  14. r2d2

    Nokia N95 8GB for Rs 26999 from indiaplaza.in

    Mods please close this thread. Thanks.
  15. r2d2

    ps3 or a cpu for 35000.

    @ Sunny1211993 and vamsikrishna919 If you are buying from Indiaplaza.in, I have Gift Certificate worth Rs 5K (got under 100% money back offer), I will sell it for Rs 2.5K. Price of PS3 40GB @ Indiaplaza.in is Rs. 22575 + 100 (shipping). The GC is redeemable for a purchase of Rs 25K or more so...
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