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    Dual-sim budget mobile phone,suggestions required!

    While choosing dual sim mobiles go for Branded mobiles like Samsung/Videocon/Onida. Out of the above 3 brands only the Samsung one has simultaneous active standby for both SIMs, but Samsung ones are expensive. Also look for the battery capacity. Anything above 1200 mah should give you a more...
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    A new mobile phone in 15K

    Galaxy IS upgradable to 2.x Refer this post. But some functions like wifi not working, exists, i guess. And the price now has been hiked to 16000 /- including tax in TN.
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    Symbian S60 app needed....

    Try Free Fullscreen wallpaper.
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    Cheapest 3G mobile phone with EDGE

    Check out SE Naite. Its a 3G phone with EDGE support and its in the price bracket of 6.5 to 7k
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    Nokia 5800 price dropped

    N82 is available for 15K in Sangeetha mobiles and other shops are quoting 18K-19K for the same. Anyone know more about this deal?
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    Symbian S60 V3 Discussion Thread

    You should try Bolt, for a desktop like experience
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    Pls Somebody Help

    Remove the memory card from phone and then try to start the phone. If this helps, u can then delete the fonts folder in the memory card (e:\resource\fonts) through a card reader
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    Cheapest Internet Device - Free Internet via TATA CDMA phones ??

    The userid and password field for mobile dial-up connections is generally a null string. If the DUN software u r using insists on userid and password, then u can enter a random string. No matter what u enter in those fields, the login will be authenticated
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    Scope of software testing

    Scope: Testing is a critical phase in the Project development life cycle. The developer to tester ratio is almost 1:1 in every standard organization and this number will higher as per the project implementation criticalness. Salary: Couldn't beat the sharp comment posted by @rhitwick Job...
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    BIOS Boot failure

    A PC doesn't give beep sounds for BIOS (firmware) corruption. They are caused only due to actuall hardware malfunctions. Your MB manual will have the problem documented for these alerts raised. Look in your MB manual for the beep 'Patterns' Also, the monitor should display some error...
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    Unable to connect Airtel MO from PC

    @Krazzy, Is there any difference between the operations that you have specified from the procedure that I followed: 1. Install Bluetooth drivers in system 2. Add the phone to the Bluetooth devices list and pair PC and phone using a passkey 3. Create a new DUN connection and dial from it...
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    Unable to connect Airtel MO from PC

    I activated Airtel MO yesterday in my Samsung E450. The internet connection is working in the phone. But when I try to connect to internet from my PC through Bluetooth, the error "PPP Link control protocol was terminated" is displayed. I followed the instructions in the articles...
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    How to remove the option of "Microsoft windows xp setup" frm the win selection-boot ?

    Re: How to remove the option of "Microsoft windows xp setup" frm the win selection-bo 1. Open msconfig window 2. Goto Boot.Ini tab and click the "Check all boot paths" button
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    Multi boot query

    For all of your queries, I suggest you use the XP's MBR to boot the system and start Grub via that. 1. While installing distros, choose the option, not to install any bootloader. And manually edit the Grub config file to add the startup entries for the installed distro 2. While...
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    How to install OS from bootable iso image

    As explained by blackpearl in this thread, the installation can be started by loading the kernel and initram images via grub Note: The tutorial is given for older versions of Fedor and OpenSUSE
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