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    Apple Macbook Pro or Macbook Air

    That 73K deal is too good not to be fake. How does a seller manage to sell the product in such a low price? With student concession Cloudtail is selling @76.5K via Amazon.
  2. Nil253259

    Laptop under 60K?

    Check this out https://www.techenclave.com/community/threads/unboxing-asus-gl552j.174392/ OP has bought the item from the same seller. The seller has an account on that forum and he answered the queries. If you want to read the entire saga...
  3. Nil253259

    Laptop under 60K?

    Yep.. I think that's it then. I was even thinking about importing Sager from XoticPc, but with Asus international warranty ROG would be my best bet. Only the IPS FHD will be greatly missed. :)
  4. Nil253259

    Laptop under 60K?

    Link Please. Does it have any FHD variant?
  5. Nil253259

    Laptop under 60K?

    It doesn't have IPS panel it seems! - - - Updated - - - SaiyanGoku any thought?
  6. Nil253259

    Laptop under 60K?

    Planning to buy a new laptop under 60K. Is this the best option possible in this range? Asus GL552JX DM087D Core I7 4720HQ 4GB RAM 1TB HDD 15 6" Full HD 4GB Graph | eBay Things not really necessary for me: 1. I am not a gamer. So graphics card does not matter 2. I do not need windows pre...
  7. Nil253259

    All laptop related queries here!!!

    Hi Guys!! I am going for my MBA study within a month and for this I need a laptop which needs to server me for the next 2 years. As you can understand the laptop is going to be used for daily activities like browsing/making presentations/MS Office related works and probably for light gaming (On...
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