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    once again i struck with pointers

    printf ("\n%d %d %d %d\n ", j, **k, *(k[0]+1), *k[3]) ; And use %ld instead of %d.
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    Big O notation

    You are correct, for an algorithm to not have a Big-Oh() or Theta(), it should be monotonically increasing in size n, i.e. not have an upper bound.
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    [For Sale] Cooler Master Elite 310 Cabinet + LG ODD

    [SOLD] Cooler Master Elite 310 Cabinet + LG ODD SOLD!! Model number and details: Elite 310 Cabinet Perfect condition. No scratches. No grease. No nothing. Working USB headers and Jacks Original carton and everything within (screws) LG ODD IDE. Working condition. Date of...
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    Build Your Rig! (XBlade)

    If you have a item/price/spec list of any items to update just send me over. Nothing to do with the mag :P
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    Build Your Rig! (XBlade)

    No criteria, just some members would occasionally help me with maintaining the list of products (since I fail to keep myself updated with the current h/w).
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    Build Your Rig! (XBlade)

    Even that requires quite an effort with new h/w releasing every fortnight. Nothing much I can do as of now.
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    Build Your Rig! (XBlade)

    Yeah, sorry about that. Lost out on volunteers long time back. As it turns out, maintaining a list of latest prices is a daunting task.
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    explain the below program.....

    Ok, this is retarded. Anyone found giving that example as h/w should be shot in the loins. First the explanation part, and to understand that, you need to have a brief idea of what pointers are: char *p = "Hello" is stored as: |H|e|l|l|o| here p points to the first memory location...
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    language for Web development

    ^this. But please don't throw around words like "advanced" that loosely - it's misleading.
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    Apple accuses Polish online food store for trademark infringement
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    language for Web development

    What the ..? This is like saying C# is more advanced than C. Or a hammer is better than a pair of pliers. L stands for Linux. Linux v/s Windows as a web server, you decide which is better. The only thing PHP lacks is a better organization of function space (which is a humble mess), other than...
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    Post HTML5, Javascript & CSS3 queries here

    $("select").append("<option>" + i + "</option>"); The reason being your selector is incorrect. $("select option") selects each option $("select option").before("<option>" + i + "</option>"); inserts the new option before each option. So your code grows in complexity from O(n) to O(2^n) and...
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    {Help needed} N0ob needs help developing a web browser

    On the contrary, you have a text reader, which sends HTTP requests and yields the content. It is not a browser, the same thing can be achieved using `curl` on *nix. What you do need to figure out is the exact thing you are having trouble with, i.e. rendering and for that you'll need...
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    sequence in Javascript

    Well yes and no. Every language serves a specific purpose, in case of JavaScript, yes, it's primarily used for client side scripting to enrich HTML pages. But who's to know if someone might need some algorithm to say parse input/yield a layout that resembles that pattern. The programmer ought to...
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