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    WD Blue Query

    The dealer is ready to pay the money back. Is there performance difference between them? Caviar 7200 rpm is not locally available, i have to order it online.
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    WD Blue Query

    I bought a WD Blue 1 TB 5400 rpm (model WD10EZRZ) hard drive today. My requirement is gaming and not planning to have an SSD. I actually ordered WD Caviar Blue 1 TB 7200 rpm (model WD10EZEZ). The dealer is telling Caviar Blue is obsolete and not available. Dealer is ready to replace with...
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    Problem with sony DVD RAM

    i too ve issue with sony drive, reinserting disk multiple times does needed for me, it happens only for dvd-r
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    orkut not opening

    im using bsnl, ve used sygate, mcafee, n even without firewall, but to no use at times, at times works fine. even without firewall, now gmail not working in all the browsers. some plugin or runtime missing mayb. any suggestion? :(
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    orkut not opening

    for me, the problem is with yahoomail when loggin in with usnam and pass, nothin happens, jus loops asking for usnam and pass again. the problem is only with firefox, opera is ok with yahoo. any fix?
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    Dvd driver detect's cd's only....

    certain sony dvd drives ve prob with reading dvd-r. it reads as it likes.
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    orkut not opening

    there is prob with yahoo, google, etc with bsnl connection. disable or uninstall ur firewall and all these will work. i am also in search of a good firewall which allow these sites.
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    Best automatic Washing Machine to buy .....in today's market?

    IFB Senorita plus 5 years now, no probs yet, 2nd low price one from IFB. the low cost model, ileana :D, no good.
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    Can't play 5.1 sound on my new speakers!

    i too having dis prob with my creative sound card. but only my center speaker skips mp3 and some formats. certain games and movies do activate center speaker. i think it is not a defect. :D
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    How to increase volume of mp3 players ??

    u can use mp3gain
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    Suggest me a 4GB pendrive.

    Suggest me a 4GB pendrive. Which brand and model to go for and the ones to stay away from. Thanks :D
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    Which BSNL Plan For Heavy Download needs???

    i prefer 500 plan from bsnl. u can get free for 6 hours. if u use rapidshare premium or manager, den it is best to download at night. but depends on bsnl speed at free time in ur area. for me, i get 210 KBps constant 256 unlimited is useless speed wise. if daytime surfing is more than 100 mb...
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    Planning For a plan Upgrade..Please suggest..

    asianet gives 250+ KBps for sure, whereas bsnl is 210 only. Asianets usage, unlike bsnl, u can check even until the last second u used, but ve to logout for it. There is login and logout feature in asianet. asianet only 4 hours free, but bsnl gives 6 hrs free, which is helpful in case of...
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    Time to end piracy....at least to an extent.

    its a nice initiative for 450 rs, but gta4 guys mite ve got enough money too from hardware producers. and i think 300 rs for 3 plain dvds is nonsense as root post states. hope new game titles come around 300 bucks to bring piracy down to 60%. i think, no other go. :D
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    XFX Geforce 8600GT 512MB DDR3 PCI Express for Sale (2 Year Warranty)

    one can get the card for 3900 inc shipping from them, by just bargainin. and i think apart frm XFX 8600GT 512MB DDR3 title, nothin else is needed to identify dis card, as google is always there, any more doubts, one can call the phone number given in site if further...
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