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    Voice recording app for Windows phone

    You should try Voice Recorder Pro+. Let me know if there are any issues in using this app/
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    Any Xbox One Gamers Here????

    Guys....I wanted to build a gaming community of Xbox One gamers. We can play online together, sharing gaming news, discuss about new games. So leave your gamertag in comments and I will add you all. My gamertag is TopGeekGamer1.
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    Meizu discussion thread

    Specs are good but service centres are must for any new brand. This bring faith in customers that they have some shoulder to cry incase of any issues.
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    WiFi adapter with 25-30 ft range

    Hi, 1. Which is better to get a high gain or high power adapter.. Also does it make any difference >>>>get high gain adapter as u may face issues due to wall in between. 2. Can a normal WiFi router connected via lan to the pc and wirelessly connected to the main internet router possible for...
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    Suggest a Tablet within ₹8000 [Android]

    You can try Micromax P666 Tablet. I have this tablet and you can check out my unboxing video here...
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    Best Mobile Under 10k

    Hi, We did a video on this topic. You may check this out and I hope you will found it useful.if you still have any queries, then do let me know.
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