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    Samsung Galaxy S receiving Android 2.3

    Yes its is already leaked. I have installed gingerbread on my samsung galaxy s 5570 s .I haven't faced any issues yet.
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    Windows Vista Sp1 Problems and solutions.

    Hello Friends I am using windows Vista Ultimate and just upgraded to SP1 that came with digit. soon i got SP1 home basic and i installaed that and I found some problems with that It is not recognising my bluetooth device which vista normally recognises and it also crashes while performing some...
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    linux doesnt acquire IP from DHCP Server

    ya dude i am also suffering from similar type of problem i am able to connect to wireless lan or lan simply and able to access the windows networked folder but not able to surf internet why......
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    Happy Birthday Virus Hit windows

    hi guys i am working at the netwrok where i have to deal with lopts of computers and i came to know that this happy birthday virus only attacks the ntldr file that is only present in the windows xp not in vista so surely vista remains unaffected I have seen a vista running happy birthday but...
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    Happy Birthday Virus Hit windows

    the most impaortant thing about that virus is that it does not affect windows vista only xp
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    Linux distros and Apple beat Microsoft’s homepage uptime

    no way a linux microsoft war is going on becauz microsoft windows is no match for linux ][
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    Happy Birthday Virus Hit windows

    This time again a virus hit windows.I would like it to call the happy birthday virus.This virus is called Happy birthday virus because it displays a message happy birthday again and again before crashing your system. This is a pretty strong virus with the feature that this virus is a strong...
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    Suggest me a Software for the following

    i think its easy to right click the file and change the properties->advanced and change the values over their
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    Say Bye Bye To China Phones

    ya i am very much impressed by the move very gr8 move indeed
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    linux rocks windows sucks as it will never open

    linux rocks windows sucks as it will never open
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