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    web cam!!

    Hi guys,i want to purchase a decent web camera working at atleast 30 fps and resolution upto 640x480..Can you suggest something which is readily available? My Budget is 1500
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    A mobo for AMD 3200+ with PCI-e and LAN ?

    Kudos to all technology navigators . I want to price and specs of motherboards supporting AMD 64 3000 or 3200 + .The main question is whether TEMPERATURE RISES QUICKLY AND SHARPLY IN AMD 3200+? I rejected INTEL P4 3.0 BECAUSE TEMP WENT AS HIGH AS 58 C ALSO SUGGEST GOOD CABINET.AND WHETHER THIS...
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    Help With RADEON9600

    I think u have a very inferior motherboard for ur processor in terms of quality and features.I think u should update ur bios version with a patch available at a site something like that,to verify do a google search for downloads+nvhardpage ).It contains the drivers and...
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    How can i send data to my phone

    Long ago I installed a software called Oxygen Manager which allowed my phone to connect to my PC and through internet i downloaded various ring tones and wallpapers !! happy hunting
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    16 IN PLACE OF 32 MB

    I have a p2 350 MHz processor and asus 440lx motherboard. I recently bought a riva tnt2 M64 which has 32mb of video ram. On startup it shows that it is a 32mb graphics card but my system properties shows only 16mb. I had installed latest 56.64 nVidia driver. Help required urgently!
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    What is W32.Parite.B

    What is w32.parite.b as it keeps emerging on my system even after complete system scan in Kaspersky Antivirus Professional.
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    I recently installed Kaspersky Antivirus Professional from Nov Digit CD. It displayed the above mentioned virus.Even after a complete system scan the virus keep on emerging .I am unable to games such as Call of Duty,Max Payne 2.Mine is P4 ,1.5Ghz,VIA U8638 motherboard with Inno3d Geforce...
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