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    Fan Noise and Overheating Problem

    Read these links.. it might help you How to troubleshoot a Overheating, Shutdown or Thermal issue on a Dell PC | Dell US Fix found for Microsoft's Surface 3 overheating issue
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    micro SD Card problem

    try using free SD card recovery software's or go for professional data recovery services. SD cards have a limited live period and also are fragile hence, it is advisable to take regular back up. So that in case of SD card or any other media device failure data can be recovered. If I may...
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    How much does professional data recovery cost?

    Hello, Sorry to hear about the hdd, you can try using online software's and restore the data, but given the amount of data, you should go to professional data recovery company. If I may suggest Try Stellar Data Recovery Mumbai.. They offer data recovery services and there are offering Pick and...
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    32GB SD card detected in PC but not in mobile

    try using different card, might be hardware issue
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    Hard Drive cannot be seen in disk management

    type select disk 1 then type convert mbr then check if disk 1 is listed in Disk management.
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    Urgent help needed to recover files from HDD

    Hello there, Go for Hard Disk Recovery Software - Recover lost, deleted, formatted data from hard drives , this will Help you
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    wd 1tb mypassport woes

    Hello there, you can either replace the PCB or go for Data recovery, This error is cause due to PCB and one can replace it
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    Seagate 1TB Internal Drive @3290/-, Should I be worried?

    I would say go for WD brand. As they are less prone to failures than seagate. I have used both.
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    Problem with micro SD card

    In your case only data recovery experts can guide you better.
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    Hard Disk under threat? system restarts automatically

    Re: Hard Disk under threat? system restarts automatically You said ticking sound there are many reasons for sound. It may be due to drivers or sometimes due to mechanical fault in the HD itself.I suggest you to please show your drive problem to some expert and if possible take backup of your...
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    New HDD required.

    Go for wd My passport ultra. Its in your budget. I have the same.
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