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    Swans M10 vs Logitech Z623

    That's a socket 775 board and has intel HD audio iirc. You should be fine for the speaker budget that you're aiming for without the need for DAC.
  2. johnjjx

    Swans M10 vs Logitech Z623

    if it's a TV why not a soundbar? p.s. I miss the good old mx5021 days.
  3. johnjjx

    back again!

    Hello Everyone, It's been a while (7 years on and off). I am back again on TD. Hoping to be active again :) Peace.
  4. johnjjx

    [Want to Buy] Nocta NH-D14

    I got a Noctua U12P-SE2. PM me if interested
  5. johnjjx

    SVG Tech HOC 40 Liquid cooler - Factory Sealed

    bump.....price drop
  6. johnjjx

    SVG Tech HOC 40 Liquid cooler - Factory Sealed

    if you checked the link it beats HOC100 as well.
  7. johnjjx

    Good power supply for running PC 24x7

    +1 for corsair tx650. It's got ample juice to run ocd config of yours as well.
  8. johnjjx

    SVG Tech HOC 40 Liquid cooler - Factory Sealed

    Model number and details: SVG Tech HOC 40 Liquid cooler Date of purchase: (27-07-2012) Reason for sale: Already got Noctua. Don't need a water cooler Warranty details: 5yrs warranty Expected Price: SOLD Location of Seller: Bengaluru http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/4589/hoc401.jpg...
  9. johnjjx

    Visiontek 4870

  10. johnjjx

    Visiontek 4870

    price drop to 6.2k shipped.
  11. johnjjx

    Visiontek 4870

    FOR SALE : Visiontek 4870 512mb price : 6.2k shipped Whats included : Original box, all accessories, no-local warranty (KMD Todphod and visiontek lifetime warranty applicable). Accessories include : DVI-HDMI adapter, DVI-VGA adapter, CF bridge, component cable. reason for sale : need cash.
  12. johnjjx

    Brand new xfx gtx 280

    Re: FS. BRAND NEW XFX GTX 280 ^^nopes gtx 280 isnt that low powered. Its tad lower than 275. 2months old card price can fetch 11.5k-12k
  13. johnjjx


    Msi is no longer the item for sale. So since the buyer has decided the 1k less than retailing price it should be considered of xfx's @OP even tho its a sealed pack how old was ur msi card since the warranty would be according to ur msi card purchase of did u get a full warranty as well??.
  14. johnjjx

    Old rig for sale...

    2.2k max for board cpu combo. 800 for ram. 700 for gpu 80gb drive 800/- writer 500/- psu - 150 or keep it as bakup. cabinet - try selling psu n cabinet locally.
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