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    You’re Likely to Get the Coronavirus

    At least they could have given it a nice name like, LurkingDeath-69 or Xxx-K1ll3rC0r0na-Xxx. Covid-19 sounds like some fancy wannabe YouTube competitor.
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    [Want to Buy] GSkill RipJaws 16GB DDR4 3000Mhz

    Looking for the following: GSkill RipJaws 16GB DDR4 3000Mhz. Let me know if you have one available for sale. Thanks, Hrishi
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    The Photography Thread

    Flickr, 50opx.
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    Dual Monitor with Different Fresh Rates

    People who are using a Single Display setup, they usually do more than just gaming and in those scenarios TN panel really suffers! I have had TN panel screens as well, iirc I have a spare screen lying around with TN panel. Its viewing angles and horrible. The color accuracy suffers big time too...
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    Dual Monitor with Different Fresh Rates

    The thing is, it varies from game to game. Most games would launch on the screen selected as Primary monitor and some games offer in-game settings to change the monitor on which you want to display the game (for e.g. Rainbow Six).
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    Is Colorful GPUs are trustable ?

    If you're buying anything that has CAPS used in them (motherboard, discrete desktop GPU) etc...don't buy things just because they're cheap. Anyways, for a GPU - like WS said above, go with reputed brands because when these GPUs die, they are PITA. Hence, strictly no for such brands
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    Dual Monitor with Different Fresh Rates

    -> 3 Screens in Parallel. ->4KHDR10 via HDMI2.0 ->2x1080p via DPs GPU has 1xHDMI and 2xDP and 1xDVI. Since it's a Ryzen Build so sadly hence iGPU available, so everything is via d-GPU. Games can be played on any of the screens.
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    Dual Monitor with Different Fresh Rates

    Not bad, I would say. Although, there's ton of memory and nvme drive coupled with OC'ed 2600x for help :P It can run all 3x screens with ease. Couch games such as racing etc goes on the 4K 55" Screen while the FPS ones are on the AOC. I usually turn off the remaining screen during gameplay or...
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    Help needed in building my first PC

    So this was the thread where kaz did all his Research and ended up making that blunder... :lol:
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    Is Colorful GPUs are trustable ?

    NOPE! Avoid them.
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    Dual Monitor with Different Fresh Rates

    Update: Purchased dual Monitors and AmazonBasic Dual Monitor Mount. -Monitor 1. BENQ GW2480 (IPS panel with Brightness Sensor, Has 60Hz Refresh Rate) . GW2480 -Monitor 2. AOC 24G1WG4 (Curved VA Panel 1500R with 1ms response time and 144hz Refresh rate). C24G1 | AOC Monitors -For mounting I have...
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    Dual Monitor with Different Fresh Rates

    Looking to setup something like this: Purpose: ->Playing games ->Photography stuff once in a while ->Productivity work (LAB,etc) Max Budget: ~30k Must have...
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    nah buddy, ram has been sold.

    nah buddy, ram has been sold.
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    IEM - 2K

    You can go for RHA-350 because it has good durability, 3 years warranty and a balanced sound over the spectrum.
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    Govt revokes Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, bifurcates state into two Union Territories

    The best part of all this was listening to what the Laddakh minister had to say. It was felt deeply. Kashmiris always complained that they have been treated like a second class citizen but look what they did to people in Leh.
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