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    The Complete Smartphone Buyer's Guide

    I was hoping for a phone that is officially supported. The problem with unofficial roms is that you're usually at the mercy of a single developer. Most of the times, security is compromised in these unofficial roms. I got permission to officially unlock the bootloader of redmi note 3 but was...
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    The Complete Smartphone Buyer's Guide

    Which phone can I buy from Devices | LineageOS Wiki within 15K?
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    UPS and Active PFC Power Supply compatibility table.

    I agree with you but if there are huge number of negative reviews, I usually assume all of them can't be clueless. This, coupled with my own experience with APC, made me apprehensive. Anyways, I decided to go with APC again. Thanks! I don't know how reliable this is but according to this, more...
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    UPS and Active PFC Power Supply compatibility table.

    PSU: Corsair CX600 UPS: APC BR1100CI-IN UPS worked for 3 years. I was using APC BR1100CI-IN for 3 years before it failed. Now, it's out of warranty and can't be repaired according to APC technician. So, looking for a new one of similar capacity. I was thinking of buying APC again but so many 1...
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    [Complaint] Extremely poor service by TP Link

    Huh. I have the same router and the same problem. I couldn't get through their helpline. So, I gave it to MD Copmuters for replacing as I bought it from them. It's been over 1.5 months, and I'm still waiting for that replacement. Apparently, the kolkata service centre is all out of stock.
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    The Official Xiaomi Discussion Thread

    It's valid for only 1 year. Is it worth the trouble you're going through?
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    Adware on my android. Help

    I had xender installed on my phone. I removed it after seeing your post even though I didn't have this issue.
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    The Official Xiaomi Discussion Thread

    Thanks! I ordered one hoping it'd be just as good.
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    The Official Xiaomi Discussion Thread

    So, how is the Mi basic earphone? I'm thinking about buying one.
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    Help needed buying all in one wireless printer

    Anything less expensive?
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    Help needed buying all in one wireless printer

    I'm looking to buy an all in one wireless printer. I'll probably print 10-20 pages in one month and not print anything in another. This is going to be my first printer. So, I don't know about maintenance or cartridge cost or how long a cartridge will last or things like that. I can't figure out...
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    ** ~10k mobile advice thread **

    Any phone with dimensions less than 4.3*2.3? Just looking for a smaller phone with whatsapp and good voice quality.
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    The Windows Mobile Thread

    Re: The Windows (Mobile) Thread How's the voice quality of 638? Is it loud enough to hear the other person at a noisy place?
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    Thanks anand but I was looking for something to list the approximate price of crafting badges, so that I could decide which ones to craft and which ones to sell. It's nice for trading though.
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