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    Suggestions for selling my Lenovo Y50 Gaming Laptop

    EDIT: Photos uploaded. I apologise for the oversight on my end. :ashamed: About the price, people are selling the older Y50 with 860M and TN display panel for 50k. There was a price premium of 10-15k for the newer model with GTX 960M and the IPS panel. So, asking for 60-65k is justified, I think.
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    Suggestions for selling my Lenovo Y50 Gaming Laptop

    Hi! I'm selling my Lenovo Y50 gaming laptop, which I bought a year ago. It still has 1.5 years of warranty left. It is the newer version with the IPS screen and NVIDIA GTX 960M. It is available with original bill, box and all the accessories. I paid Rs. 84,000 for it, and the price I'm looking...
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    Samsung S7 in exchange of an iPhone 6S?

    Hi! So I just got an iPhone 6S 16GB as a gift. But, I'm in a dilemma of whether to keep it or to sell it off and get an S7/Edge instead. Due to the iPhone's poor battery life and just 12 GB of usable memory, I'm more inclined for the latter. Will that be a good decision? Also, where should I...
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