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    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    guys go for this one too: NAME-EIGHT BELOW it's story abt the dogs in antarctica,i loved the movie,damm good family movie. ALSO CARS is a class direction. ME 2 a grt fan of Tom Hanks nd Nicolas Cage.I watch every movie of these actors.
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    Biohazard 4 aka Resident Evil 4 fixed?

    guys i hv played the game for over 17 hrs now, i hv killed salazar,i hv played with keyboard only,yeah it's tough.The graphics r really dissapointing
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    .:Pixel2Life:.AWESOME TUTORIALS!

    superb site
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    Avoid Compulsory Registration in a Website

    grt bro nice post
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    SOLUTION: Folder Options not available in Tools Menu!

    thankx i was suffering frm this problem frm last 2 days
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    Should Orkut be taken down?

    orkut is a good place to meet ur old frnds but it has become addiction for many students and they are on orkut day and night.I think orkut should have some restriction.
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    [By Demand] - Digit January 2007

    plz include tutorial on adobe photoshop
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    Can Any Body Help Me Regarding Rapidshare?

    HEY HELLO EVERYBODY, can anyone plz tell me hw can i download from rapidshare without waiting for tickets to be reseerved. any spl trick or so.
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