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    Which U R Mobile Phone!!

    w810 i...........and i don't agree with aniruddh...the keypad is one of the best features of w810i...it's neatly laid out,spacious and XCELLENT for SMSing.......I love the camera,fantastic screen(even though its a bit small) the music player...the clarity of the music thru the (bundled)...
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    << Airtel Mobile Office Help!! >>>

    @ Pathiks How to connect to GPRS via PC??How much will the speed be??
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    URGENT: Someone Please tell me the way to remove the worm W32.RONTOKBRO@MM...its killing my pc.....please help
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    Can the war against terrorists be won by Satyagraha???

    This discussion is going over the line, i think. And mediator, don't call me as someone looking for an opportunity to stick their nose up bcoz my xams just ended. Well, i am not with any one of u guyz. I started this thread to discuss whether raw force works against terrorists or "satyagraha"...
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    Can the war against terrorists be won by Satyagraha???

    Do u guys think that terrorists can be defeated by Satyagrah?? There have been uncountable wars in the world....would there be any change if we resort to non-violence and use peaceful methods to solve the problem as Gandhiji once said??
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    Shud Sai baba sit on 22 crore seat

    The matter is worship and devotion... If Sai Baba, sits on a 22 crore seat or a normal wooden chair....its the same. There are many other ways to show devotion to the " God of Poors". Let them sell the chair and give the money to some orphanages or for the welfare of the poor people....there...
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    blue ray disc or DVD dual layer or something new

    @mohammed_intekhab: U got the spelling wrong, mate. It is Blu-ray not BLUE-Ray. Anyway, voted for the blu-ray. It incorporates better technology and has better storage capacity( 25 GB on a single layer blu-ray disc and 50 GB on a dual layer blu-ray disc). More info on www.blu-ray.com/info/.
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    Tea or Coffee???

    Guys.....i doubt this is the weirdest question ever posted in a forum.....any way it is good that people are so imaginative......my say is coffee......tea is boring for me.......i mean just for me.......A CUP OF COFFEE ON A COLD MORNING IS THE BEST WAY TO START A DAY/////
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    Anil Ambani Vs Mukesh Ambani

    @aakash mishra:: Hey pal, thnx for ur advice,man. But i don't think u know what is the meaning of a "FORUM". Go check it out on the dictionary, dude...
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    Anil Ambani Vs Mukesh Ambani

    Hey ppl, i don't know whether this thread will be closed or not... But still, there has been lot of flaming, fighting in the Ambani household. It is of national importance bec the Ambani family has entered almost all the sectors of the Indian Economy. They are there everywhere, mobile...
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    what should be india's national language?

    English shud be the national language....
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    Final Call... Suggestions Pls..Cell Under 16.5K

    I would advice you to go for..SE 810i......see...its more compact than the Nokia phones like N70, you got all the options you need for a good phone....theres walkman.....vc....etc.....so go for it buddy before you get anymore reviews and again cofuse yourself
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    Whom U Trust?

    Nokia is here to stay....i mean rule the mobile market......SE soon catching up with exotic designed mobiles.....
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    Who will u support...????

    Thats a issue dead long time back...leave it.....Aamir Khan is right...
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    Dress codes and ban on mobile phones in anna university

    Theres no problem on the dress code....that makes no place for vulgarity in the campus......mobile phones mustn't be banned in the campus......but its ok if they r prohibited in the classrooms.........
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