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    CPU Overclock List & Discussion Thread

    Only OCed to 3.7Ghz.
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    The Complete Smartphone Buyer's Guide

    Hey already bought Redmi note 4 few weeks back.
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    AMD Ryzen Build

    They added 200/- for West Bengal to Bangalore for graphic card. Wouldn't call that hefty for a graphic card but not sure about other parts.
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    Building new Ryzen Pc for 'games and stuff'

    It's not the extra 10GB space but the Samsung 850 Evo is tried and tested SSD with higher read/write speeds compared to WD green. It's the go to SSD for anyone who is planning to buy an SSD at 7k-8k range. How much perceivable difference it is going to make in day to day usage is debatable, that...
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    Building new Ryzen Pc for 'games and stuff'

    Good config. Try to get a higher frequency ram, 3000Mhz atleast if possible. If extra 1.5k budget is not an issue, then samsung 850 evo instead of WD green. Do you already have a monitor?
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    Looking for a lightweight Gaming Laptop within 1Lakhs

    Ultrabook is also a laptop. You don't need i7+GTX 1060 combo laptop anymore? I'd suggest get any decent normal laptop for classes and get the i7+GTX 1060 combo dekstop.
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    Rocket League

    Installer here is steam itself. You need to download steam again and restore the backup.
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    Artifact - The Dota Card Game.

    Blizzard dota - Valve dota2 Valve Tf2 - Blizzard Overwatch Blizzard Hearthstone - Valve Artifact These guys are busy 1uping each other.
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    Suggest me a good Ryzen config

    If you don't need a PC now you can wait. GTX 1060 6GB at 19k is not happening any time soon though.
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    Gaming pc under 80K

    CPU > GPU. We have reached a point where CPU performance every year is not increasing significantly but GPUs gains each generation are still massive. Don't cut down on CPU for a slightly better GPU. Your one CPU can last for 2-3 GPU upgrades if planned wisely.
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    CPU Overclock List & Discussion Thread

    ^Thanks for sharing. The guy in 1st video is running 3.85Ghz at 1.38V which is high IMO. Mine reached 3.85Ghz with less voltage IIRC, though I ran the stress tests for not more than 30mins. I try to stay below 1.35V and in our ambient temperatures, staying under low temps is also difficult. I'm...
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    Rocket League

    Activate it on steam.
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    Gaming pc under 80K

    You can go with micro atx. Asus B350M-a is very good board but it has no heatsinks for VRMs but it won't cause any issue since you are not planning to OC and should also be fine for slight overclock as well. Just don't expect capability to do high and fine tuned overclocks as it an entry level...
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