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    Mindless Internet Censorship by the Government

    hey this sucks india cant do this this worse than china atleast there entire net is under tabs why just blogspot this is bad very very bad but it might even be the outage they show on the main site it says something like scheduled outage at 5 oo ....
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    Come, join the Digit Side

    I wanna do free lancing too see my work at www.apurvrdx.blogspot.com but scour the archives section youll get loads !! well here's a work at my deviantart http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/36549645/ others feel free to visit
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    geforce 6600 scorching !

    i dont know what went wrong but when my comp blue screnned with code 1x000000ea i knew it was bad news my 6600'fan doesnt move unless helped with a push the temp is really really high i can see matt markings on the infineon ram units is it damaged permanently my cabinet is iball grabit with...
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    cant play games windows closes it down!

    i need help you wanna help then help dont yelp
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    cant play games windows closes it down!

    the greatest benifit of having a pc is being taken away from by microsoft windows it is closing down games i can play some old ones but nfs2 (full version) and quake4(demo) are being closed down :evil: 2morrow a sparkling nvidia 6600 is going to be in my hands but what a shame it will be to...
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    best game in 2005

    F.E.A.R other games went numb due to it .........lol!
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    help C:/ drive is showing very little empty space!

    i reinstalled xp yesterday but while installation the setup couldnt format c so i continued with the original file system and then it showed error could not inspect c drive continue ? i said yes and then installed but i have only installed some utilities like nero ,antivirus , zip genius and the...
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    card rates

    How is NPY ??? hI MY DAD TOOK A NPY GEFORCE 6600 256 MB CARD FROM LA AT 194$ whats the rep of this company i will have the card by next month when he returns can anyone tell me about the card and its performance !! also how does one get those titles like brainiac or digitized i am the most...
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    fantasy dvd players stuck in my pc need to get rid of it!!ta

    i installed the fantasy dvd player from digit disk then i dont know how that demented piece of code got corrupted and now i cant find anywhere but only in the context menus of media files when i double click a file it startys them with the notepad how f :evil: help me out guys
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    [By Demand] February 2006 DVD / CD

    some songs yaar its been ages
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    Quake 4 in jans dvd not working

    I tried reinstalling it many times but the game wouldnt start it always shows a error ie quake 4 has encounter... send report to microsoft man what can bill gates do from the us sitting in an ac cabin lol just joking!! are others facing this too??? :?: :!:
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