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    What's your favorite OS?

    Apple Mac OS X Lion. :cool: Bt i liek FreeBSD too, me apple has code frm thm. And I lek linux too.
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    HijackThis goes open source

    s0me clueless posts really :lol:
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    hi guys

    how are u? :mrgreen:
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    Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion"

    The world’s most advanced desktop operating system advances even further. Coming in July to the Mac App Store for just $29.99 Apple - OS X Lion - The world’s most advanced desktop operating system.
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    The Chrome OS Discussion Thread

    chrome OS = page loader OS. Joli OS is much much better. not an opinion, but a fact.
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    NVIDIA drivers and OpenGL issues

    GeForce 400 Series - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia user facing problem with autodesk maya: Maya 2011 openGL viewport issues - NVIDIA Forums these problems still exist in 500 series and still not fixed.
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    AMD : 6850 crashes again

    format ur machine cleanly & install 11.4 driver. only solution.
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    Hate TechTree reviews

    i think he was a member of this forum??
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    Girls only

    i just love apple products and ipad is ONLY 8.8MM THICK..kanu believe it????
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    the FOOTBALL channel

    i supp0rts barca n inter.
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    Gearless Scooter or Bike..???? Suggest me plzzzzz..

    i drive bajaj chetak. but i suggests get activa or pleasure or get Bajaj XCD for a bike.
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    What did you buy today ?

    1 kg apple. apple a d@y keeps the doctor away =|
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    Turbo C/C++ and other junk compilers help, discussions and queries here

    Re: Turbo C in Windows 7 turbo c does not work in win 7 'coz no ntvm in win 7. :mad: install dosbox and in it install turbo c
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    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    u nuuub :mad: u thinks beingg @ chalsee phan and calling funny movies b0ring makes u makes u a plastic :mad: dabangg is 9/10 m0vie :|
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