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    Need to Buy IPS monitor for XBOX ONE

    Hi, I want to buy a monitor for my XBOX ONE. Kindly suggest a good monitor. I'm confused b/t TN and IPS panel monitors and finally decided to go with IPS panel. My budget is up to 15K. If the monitor is very good then I can add another 2K.. I prefer 24' or 27' monitor. It will be good if it...
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    Best Router for my NAS

    Hi, I'm using Trend-net TN-200 NAS, Currently using NETGEAR N-150 router, which is giving transfer rate of 2.5 MBps. Is there any chance of increasing the transfer rate by changing the router. If so, suggest best router which can give transfer rate up to 20 MBps. My budget is around 2.5K.
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    Problem with Asus 1225c Laptop

    Hi Folks, I'm facing problem with my netbook Asus 1225c. It's not turning on once I shut down it. After 20 min when I press the power bettow it will start normally. Initially it is working fine,from last 10 days I'm facing this problem. Planning to take it to Service center its still under...
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    Need a Media drive

    Hi Folks, I have a Home theater with projector, 7.1 speakers with amplifier. I want to purchase a MEDIA DRIVE. I will connect it to my amplifier. My budget is 8K if it doesn't have any hard disk. With Hard disk - 15K (if it is 2TB) Requirements: ========== 1. It must have HDMI post...
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    Need to buy External Hard disk

    Ashu, i will go for " WD MyBookEssential HDD ". I want to present this to my friend on his b'day on 08th of April. Thank you very much for guiding me. (*_*)
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    Need to buy External Hard disk

    Thanks ashu... what will be the price of USB 3.0 support EXTERNAL HD, I want to buy the WD hard disk, it should be portable. I heard that 1 TB HD are not responding well, is that true?
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    Need to buy External Hard disk

    Hi Folks, I want to purchase 500 GB external hard disk and my budget is 3-4K. It should be 7200 RPM and a very good transfer rate. Please suggest me. Thanks in advance
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    SDHC card is not detecting in Samsung Galaxy 551

    thanks dudu... will try to remove the password. if it won't work will go for 8 GB Card...
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    SDHC card is not detecting in Samsung Galaxy 551

    Hi Folks, I recently brought Galaxy 551 android mobile. Previously i'm using nokia with 4gb of sdhc card. I suppose to use that 4GB SDHC card to my samsung and i have format the card in FAT. When i insert the card in samsung it is not detecting.. Please help me how to use the card...
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    Which is the Best Monitor and speakers

    Thank u guys for ur valuable information and helping me to choose my monitor. I decided to go for Samsung 2233 sw. Speakers-------- i think 5k is not enough for good 5.1 speakers, i will plan to buy the speakers next month. Once again thank u friends...............(*_*)
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    Price of DVI cable

    Okay thank u (*_*)...
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    Price of DVI cable

    Hi, I have XFX 8600 GT graphic Card. I need to purchased Sumsung T190, which have DVI port and they r not providing DVI cable. Can anyone tell me the price of the DVI cable..
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    Signal to Noice Ratio

    thanks man....
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    Premium Account of RAPIDSHARE...

    Hi, 1) U can download more than one file at a time 2) Resume will be there for each file... Better use IDM ( Internet Download Manager ) recommeded by Rapidshare. 3.) Ur daily download limit will be 2.5 GB, if u cross 2.5GB then u need to wait for next day. 4) If u upload a file and u...
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    Signal to Noice Ratio

    Hi All, For speakers Signal to Noice ratio should be more or less? Which one is best? Kindly suggest me....
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