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Need to Buy IPS monitor for XBOX ONE


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I want to buy a monitor for my XBOX ONE. Kindly suggest a good monitor. I'm confused b/t TN and IPS panel monitors and finally decided to go with IPS panel. My budget is up to 15K. If the monitor is very good then I can add another 2K.. I prefer 24' or 27' monitor. It will be good if it have two HDMI ports or one is enough,DVI and VGA (optional) with Audio out. In build speakers are not a concern. Response time 5 ms or low is good.

I will be connecting the same monitor to PC as well.

Thanks in advance.


Why not a TV instead? I think you can get larger TV for the same price.
No good FHD IPS TVs with that fast response time in 15k budget. Larger TV isn't necessarily better. ;)

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