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    Urgent - Require Laptop Budget 1L Max

    Acer and MSI is running great offers on Flipkart on every friday, they call it as Gaming Friday.. Why don't you check then?
  2. AbhiShady

    Laptop for Office purposes

    Dell has launched new series of Inspiron notebook powered by AMD Ryzen APUs and they are sleek you can have look at them too! New Inspiron 15 5000 Laptop | Dell India
  3. AbhiShady

    Suggest good mobile within 15k

    Go for Mi A1 or Xiomi Note 5 PRO it is awesome! with latest 636 chipset and 6 gigs of ram..
  4. AbhiShady

    Smartphone around 30k

    I think VIVO V9 is perfect based on your requirements..
  5. AbhiShady

    8th gen gaming pc build coffee lake

    Well, that I ain't know, I shared my experience though :) Well since you are a moderator, it's good you are removing posts that is not helping us. :) But anyway my *** PC is awesome, well excited maybe :-D 8th generation is great as compared to 7th generation :)
  6. AbhiShady

    Please suggest me PSU,Cabinet & Motherboard

    Misstyped, you are right it is GM 750, they were suggesting V series, though maybe I never allowed them to alter, I was sticking to it. Haha, But anyway Im happy with my system, support to performance of system, :-D
  7. AbhiShady

    8th gen gaming pc build coffee lake

    No marketing here, shared here my experience, shall keep in mind though about mentioning any brand. Anyway deleted.
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