Zuckerberg flying at 27


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Good article.
It says that Mark resembles Apple, who don't do better things, rather does the thing better.

But to me he resembles Bill Gates. Who started when he was young just like Mark did. Bill's ways were also criticized but ultimately he succeeded, and now he's on a way of philanthropy like no other. I hope for the same for Mark.


Hmmm...... after using Mac OS X Lion, I really admire Steve for his "Think Different" style.

Although I don't see anything similar in Mark with Steve...

But yes i do hope for his success .... IPO at 27 ...... hummmm....


Great to see that in such a young age of 27 e is leading the most popular social networking site. Even he is in a position to give tough competition to company like Google and Microsoft!


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The best part of all is he integrated all the concepts viz., photo-sharing, chat & others in one site => Facebook, so as the user views increased.


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The reason about Facebook's success is - everyone has something to do.


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Everything is somehow getting integrated with Facebook. We can read yahoo articles on it without even leaving Facebook!
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