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Zone alarm Alerts

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Right off the assembly line
every time i connect to internet using my desktop zone alarm shows the following alert
"The firewall has blocked internet access to your computer (tcp port 135) from (tcp port 16803)[tcp flags: S] "

i recieve these alerts every now and then. However the ip address and port no. changes frequently.

i want to know whom should i report these activities to?
are these ip adress tries to hack my pc or something else?:x


Please Read. Its not necessarily an attempt to hack your comp. Since ZA has blocked the attempt, you don't need to worry about it. Next time you get such an alert check Dont show this dialog again then click OK, because those alerts can get really annoying.

Eg. if you are in a full screen game.

If you want to start receiving those alerts again, you can go to ZA main window > Alerts and Logs > Main tab > set Alert Events Shown to High
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