Xperia P vs Galaxy S DUOS vs Huwaei U8860

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Hello Guys,

On the verge of buying a phone for my wife. Budget is 15k. (Max 16k). Help me out.

I have 3 options.

1. Xperia P - First Choice. Heard most things good, except the very poor battery life
2. Huwaei U8860 - Specs and limited reviews says good things. Any known problems with this one?
3. Galaxy S DUOS - Looks good, Decent Camera. Seeing the 512 MB RAM & 1.8 GB Free User Memory, worried if it will be slow even for medium multi-tasking or when using Skype or Maps or games like Temple Run.

I also looked at Xperia ARC S. Everything is good except no front camera. Otherwise, would have gone ahead.

4" Screen (Gorilla Glass Preferred)
Decent Camera Quality for both out-doors and in-doors.
Front Camera for Skype Calls
Decent Audio Quality
Weight up to 150 gram is not an issue
ICS or GB not an issue, as long as it is good.
One day Battery Life.

Daily Usage: 2-3 hours of Music. 1 hour of Phone Calls. Occasional Browsing and Games (1 hr). 15 mins of Skype Call.

My heart goes with Xperia P with the ebay price of 16k. But, battery is worrying. Need your experience, especially if it is good after ICS upgrade.


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among the three u hv mentioned, xperia p is much better than other two..battery of xperia p is poor but definitely not that pathetic as everyone's shouting..u can easily get a day backup..but xperia p is available above 20k..u will get it for 16-17k w/o bill..

apart from it, xpria j, xperia go since both are getting jelly bean...

desire x is bit overpriced..
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